Here's 1:07 Of Footage From Prometheus, Showing The Ship Landing

You've seen spaceships land a million times, but rarely has it ever looked as pretty as it does in this clip from upcoming sci-fi flick Prometheus.



    Not long to wait now, glad I got IMAX tickets.

      So Jelly

      iMax! fuck yeah, i'm so getting iMax tickets.

    i know this always happens, but man, the tech level is SO much higher than in Alien 1 & 2. For a prequel, that seems weird to me.

      This isn't really a prequel though is it? I thought the case was that it started off as a prequel, but Ridley Scott decided to treat it as something separate to allow the film to work more organically rather than being restricted by series canon. So I suspect that even though it draws heavily from the Alien unvierse and may well exist in it, there will be contradictions to things established in the other films.

      Interview with Guy Oearce


        Guy Pearce plays Weylen, a hundred or so years before ALIEN. It's not an ALIEN prequel as such directly because it doesn't involve Ripley, the Nostromo etc, but it is in the same universe, it is the ship from ALIEN, it is the Space Jockey, it does LEAD to Alien and it is indeed in the same continuiity as Alien. It's a standalone story in the sense you can watch it without watching Alien and not miss anything but if you watch it then watch Alien, you'll get the full picture.

        And then you forget that Alien : Resurrection ever existed.

      Isn't that because this craft is top of the range, state of the art 5 star space travel, whereas the one in Alien was an ancient decaying cargo ship?

        Exactly. I reckon a twenty year old sports car is still going to handle better than a present day dump truck.

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