Here’s Three People Coming Back For Mass Effect 3’s Extended Ending

Here’s Three People Coming Back For Mass Effect 3’s Extended Ending

BioWare’s extended ending sequences for Mass Effect 3, which are looking to give players a little more closure on the series, will feature lines from at least three of the franchise’s main voice actors.

Lance Henrisken (Admiral Hackett), Tricia Helfer (EDI) and Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan) have all confirmed they’ve been back in the recording booth, which suggests – given the nature of Kaidan’s potential survival – that Kimberley Brooks (Ashley) will be there as well.

“I just did another session with them…They were saying there’s a little bit of a problem with the abruptness of the ending,” Henriksen told G4. “So we did a whole series of things to add to the end of the game, to live up to the quality they’ve been doing.”

“Usually, when a guy loses the game, the game shuts down; it’s over. It’s done. The players don’t like that.”

Admiral Hackett And EDI Wil Be Back In Mass Effect 3 Ending Content [G4]


    • The name of the article clearly suggests spoilers — so you click on it, read it, then complain about spoilers?

      • I could only possibly agree with the fact that Admiral Hackett is on the front page as an image, any other issue with spoilers is void though.

      • It;s comments like this that give gamers a bad reputation, for being a bunch of whiny sobs that are never satisfied and like to complain about anything for the sake of complaining …. *sigh*,

    • “Hmm an article about the Mass Effect 3 ending, I haven’t played it yet, it clearly doesn’t say ‘spoilers’ in the title so I am going to shut off my common sense functionality and read the article.”
      *writes comment complaining about spoilers*

      *face palm*


    • I’m confused why naming some actors who’re coming back for lines are spoilers? We have no idea where their new lines will be in this extended ending so it kind of doesn’t spoil anything. I mean all it says is “these people were in this game” which we already knew.

    • what spoilors? you mean there spoling the fact that there adding extra content to a game cos the fan base can’t handdle the end? OH NOSE THERE USEING THE SAME VOICE ACTORS AS WAS IN THE GAME ALREADY TO ADD MORE VOICINGNESSNESS! WHAT WILL WE DO!

      FFS. Get over it.

          • If it’s not true, why haven’t they just put it to death and tell everyone its not true?

          • Exactly. I don’t see this new ending directly supporting or conflicting the indoctrination, and I think that’s the way to go.

          • At the moment false hope in some kind of indoctrination theory conspiracy is all that keeps some of the more devoted fans from going completely insane. If they imagine some kind of elaborate plan on Bioware’s part to secretly release a better (and different) ending down the line, it means they aren’t freaking out about the reality of the situation. It suits the developers to have some of the more diehard fans focusing on (at least for the moment) a conspiracy that keeps them relatively occupied with pointless theorising.

      • thats the thing, you (the player) decide if he succumbed to indoctrination or not with your choice at the end 😉


  • Mass Effect 3 suffers from Dragon Age 2 syndrome. Its Bioware! Hooray! Its disappointing! Boo! Perhaps in 5 years ill revisit it and be able to handle the short comings! Golf clap!

  • Oh yay the over exposition ending for those who couldn’t use their brain power to figure it out like me will be here soon.

    I’d like to call it the “Herpa Derp Ending” cause that’s how I feel so many gamers will go when they see it

    • “for those who couldn’t use their brain power to figure it out like me”
      Oh really? well I’m glad that you’re here, perhaps with your amazing brain power you can explain to me then how and why Shep’s squadmembers teleported back up to the Normandy and then left Earth (to crash on some random planet) in the middle of a battle while their commander is unconscious on the ground?

      • First they didn’t “teleport” the conduit closed behind them as it did in Mass Effect 1, the objective was to get the arms of the Citadel open for the Crucible to dock with it, nothing else was more important.

        Also note that the majority of the Hammer squad was wiped out in the push to the conduit this would have left a handful of Alliance shuttles left abandoned which the would have used to get back into orbit, it would also be reasonable for them to dock with the Normandy since the shuttles are unarmed and in the middle of a gigantic space battle.

        As for how they ended up on the planet? Seriously you have to be the dumbest person on the planet if you can’t figure this one out: There’s a giant explosion coming at them consuming the planet, once that appeared there was no reason to stay and let the explosion consume them (since for all they know it would kill them since thats what explosions usually do) So Joker hits FTL and high tails it out of the Sol System to get the crew to safety. Contrary to popular belief they are NOT in the Mass Relay since the codex clearly states that Mass Relay travel is instantaneous. Bioware have even stated this themselves onTwitter.

        • I don’t have any problem with the Normandy crashing part, I never questioned that (just think it’s a stupid non-ending for a game that’s supposed to be the last in the series but that’s another issue).

          The problem is with the squad getting onto the Normandy. Hammer squad (was that the group running for the citadel beam? it’s been a while) included Not only Shep but also his squadmates (or atleast the 2 that you had with you at the time iirc). Assuming you have a love interest with you, or hell even Garrus who’s pretty much Shep’s BFF, what possible fucking reason would they have for saying “alright Shep got in the beam, might be dead…fuck him, let’s go do something else”
          Not to mention how the hell would they get out of the battlefield when there’s a giant fucking reaper right next to them shooting everything, any shuttle flying out would surely be blown up.

          But then if you want to go into semantics about Mass Relays there’s the whole issue of how is Earth not destroyed (from the ME2 Arrival DLC we learnt Mass Relays being destroyed take out their entire system too – and if that’s the case wtf was the point of anything – woo killed the reapers, oops destroyed 90% of the galaxy).

    • Oh look there’s still people trying to set themselves up as intelligent because they ‘get’ an ending riddled with deus ex machina, plot holes and poor storytelling, despite it being established by many people who actually know their shit that the ending isn’t ‘oooo so meta’ it’s just straight up bad. How cute.

      • I never said those who get it are intelligent but those who are claiming it is bad can never come to a consensus as to why its bad and instead fall into a lemmings effect as to why they think its bad, you’ll get one commenter who comments that it bad because “its full of plot holes” but when said plot holes are explained another will say its bad because “it isn’t what they wanted” or “there’s only 3 different endings (there’s 4 they keep forgetting the wiping out all life one). Or maybe they’re just following someone popular like Angry Joe or that guy with a 39 minute video as to why they think the ending makes no sense with stupid point when it was they who clearly did not do any research into the story and surrounding elements. Or did but deliberatly mislead the viewers in order to draw more views and gain extra revenue on their Youtube videos

        Case and point take

    • *facepalm*

      really? this again? why can’t both sides just agree to disagree?

      nope didn’t think that would happen *sigh*

  • EDI! EDI is awesome and I will be glad to hear more of her. I wonder how much each of these people came back to perform – if it’s a passing line or two I will be very sad.

  • I don’t know if it was only me. But when I finished Mass Effect 3 I immediately thought that it wasn’t “real” and Shep was either dreaming or indoctrinated. This was before I found out about the indoctrination theory too.

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