In China, Diablo III Is Sold Online As, Um, "Big Pineapple"

Soon it will be summer. Time for summer fruit: watermelons, pineapples, and Diablo III?

In China, online vendors are trying to skirt the law by masking Diablo III as "big pineapple". If you thought Hawaiian pineapples were delicious, have you tried "Big Pineapple 3 Asian Servers Edition Official Version All Language Support?" Didn't think so.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture has not yet approved Diablo III for sale in the mainland. While laws haven't stopped vendors from selling illegal goods in the past, online vendors are being creative about how they can sidestep any foreseeable problems regarding selling an unapproved game. More importantly, online retail platforms are cracking down on Diablo III sales.

As website TechInAsia pointed out, calling Diablo III "big pineapple" is a pun; in Chinese, a big pineapple is "dà bōluó", which sounds like Diablo. Using images of pineapples also helps cover the trail and spark subconcious fruit cravings.

Since officials for online retail platform Taobao are searching Diablo's official Chinese name, which translates to "Dark God of Destruction", they'd miss all the online sellers offering big pineapples.

Well, until Chinese news sites broke this story and spread it all over the internet. Thanks guys!

淘宝禁售《暗黑3》网店纷售"大菠萝" [Sina via TechInAsia]

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    The Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast wants to have words with China.

      I drive past that dilapidated monstrosity everyday- seriously, is one or two coats of paint to much to ask for? It's embarrassing.

    What's up with the Chinese government can't they not be assholes for once and let people do what they want.

      Im really confused with how the chinese government works. They say they are communist, but there are rich and poor people.

        It hasn't been truly communist since the sixties when some chinese bloke declared that it was honourable to be rich or something like that.
        They basically have a capitalist economic system but there is only one political party, the communist party of china, so it definately aint a democracy.
        Thats how I understand it from my limited research a while back.

        It's more of a non-democratic capitalist state than true communism. It hasn't been communist since about the 70s, and the only reason why they are regarded as communist is because of the centralised party governing the state, whilst their economy now is far from communism as it could possibly be. Don't want to go into too much, i promised myself i'd never have to talk about this again after end of year exams 2 years ago :P

    In Australia Australians cannot play Diablo 3 because of ****ing server maintenance on a game that shouldn't need 8 hours of freakin' server maintenance to play its SINGLE player component!' s a good thing no one in china has seen 'Little Nicky' right, otherwise they'll see the link

    A communism states that everyone is equal and then the government consolidates all of the wealth and doesn't let anyone else into power.

    What they really mean is "The 99% are all equal".

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