Korean Government Launching Diablo III Investigation Over Alleged Law-Breaking

While Diablo III might be a big hit in South Korea, the country's Fair Trade Commission is looking into allegations that Blizzard refused to refund Koreans who purchased the game and were frustrated with overloaded game servers.

Unable to play, these unhappy gamers demanded refunds, which Blizzard apparently refused.

In South Korea, the servers have been hit hard by Korean gamers as well as gamers in China, where the game hasn't been released officially. (Though, you can find it on Chinese internet retail sites a "big pineapple".)

According to The Korea Times, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating whether Blizzard broke Korean law regarding electronic commerce and commercial contracts.

"We have received many complaints from Diablo III users," Kim Hyung-bae, a spokesman for the FTC, told The Korea Times. The FTC is investigating whether Blizzard's contract with players was "unfair" and designed such that players could not get refunds after discovering issues with the game.

Moreover, the FTC is looking into whether Blizzard can be held responsible for being "ill-preparation" in light of the onslaught of server traffic.

According to The Korea Times, some investigators expect the FTC to demand a full refund for unhappy Korean players.

Blizzard Probed Over Diablo III [The Korea Times]


    I'm STILL getting terrible lag. Vortex bosses feel like they're glitched because I teleport all over the place, it feels like there should be some animation but it just makes rubber banding insane. And I still get rubber banding, which makes dodging a nightmare, which is bad because I'm doing Nightmare on hardcore mode.

    Blizzard were ill prepared. They should have known better. Worst DRM ever.

      Oh they prepared D3 to be the best selling PC game of all time in 24 hours.... Are you stupid? It's impossible to prepare for those numbers.

        Then limit the bloody numbers you sell on day one.

        Yeah, it's IMPOSSIBLE to realise that one of the most popular PC franchises of all time, that also has the record for the highest number of preorders for a PC game WOULD BE PLAYED BY A LOT OF PEOPLE AT LAUNCH.

    Any news on the latest patch fuck ups? Blizzard battlenet forums are filling with issues regarding loops and the game being totally unplayable now due to 1.02b

    Agreed and along with all the recent account hacking (myself included) going on this game in my opinion is one epic steaming turd of a failure

    Wardo put an authenticator on your account, it's already been proven people getting hacked is through the same keylogging and guessing attempts. *sigh*

    Also no lag here.

      I agree, they must be bad

    .....and yet the only issue with the game i have is not enough time to play, just hit inferno and loving it cept for holy crap combos....but that would still be bad without what little lag i get.

    I hope Blizzard get burned fingers over this and learn a lesson well needed.

    i like said many times on this topic, people who are complaining about lags should get a job and afford faster internet connection instead of living off ur parents in the basement.

      I have a job. I have broadband. I have lag.

      What a stupid comment.

    Very true...

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