Introducing... ScribbleTaku

Dear Kotaku friends, I would like to introduce to you our new midday post — ScribbleTaku. ScribbleTaku is our replacement for Remember This.

The rules of Scribbletaku are simple. I choose a game. I give myself one minute to try and draw that game on a post it note. I take a picture of that post-it note and I 'post-it' on Kotaku.

You then have to guess the game!

I'll be doing one of these every day at 12.

Hope you guys enjoy it, and leave your guesses in the comments below!

Thanks to Darren Wells for suggesting the name!


    Jetpack Joyride?

      damn you! I blame my lame, slow internet!

        I blame my obsessive, unnatural refreshing of Kotaku. :S

      Does Trials Evo have jetpacks?

    jetpack joyride

    The Dig.

    Or Iron Man.

      The dig was so two hours ago..
      I vote you let it go gracefully into the night.. like the remember this post.

        Deal. Whatever this game is will be my new permanent guess.

          That approach has my official stamp of Endorsement ..(which is a wax seal of a monkey humping a coconut)

    Refreshing change.

    Is it The Dig?

    That's gotta be some form of Kid Icarus.

      It's his uncle.

    Superman 64.

    ...Wait, let me change my answer. It's Superman 64 (the cape, and wind effect along with those rings he flies through gave it away)

      lol too late bro. The deranged face gave it away for me.

    The pose reminds me of Braid for some reason!

    Mark did you steal this concept from my Dead Space whiteboard drawing> THE SIMILARITIES ARE EERIE.

      I stole this idea from your Dead Space whiteboard drawing!

        You didn't even finish Dead Space! Or was that Dead Space 2? Or was it both!?

    Aww mannn - so close to naming rights! lol
    Scribbletaku is pretty awesome, though!

    Also - this is toally jetpack joyride

    I, for one, would like to congratulate Mark on his totally competant one minute scribble too! :D

    Goddamn I love Jetpack Joyride. 1 day 6 hours. And I've only had my iPhone for a month.

      I'm at 1 day 11 hours -this game is a beast

    It could be a little cheesy to be it, but Dark Void perchance?

    Halloween Harry

      /Alien Carnage

    Kid Icarus

    Metal Gear Solid

      It does look like Snake, right? That's what I thought too, but figured that Mark is subconsciously just going to make everyone look like Snake because he's got MGS right at the front of his mind at all times.

      Also, I don't think Snake ever had a... jetpack? Cape? Scuba tank? Oh, and I don't think he ever smiled :P

    awesome idea! I have a feeling there is only one answer for this...

    awesome idea

    Super Mario Sunshine?

    I was going to say Jetpack Joyride but then I'd just be a conformist. So it's The Dig!

    As an aside, I wholly approve of Scribbletaku and expect to see some Neo-Impressionism abstractions of the post-modern pastiche of pastel renaissance in games. Am I pretentious yet? (Dons monocle and holds pretentious cheese and wine. Hohohohohoho.

      Monocles are _so_... _over_.

    Crystal Caves

    Oh how I can't wait to see the Shane wannabes guessing the The Dig on every Scribbletaku post.

    I have a strange feeling it's been guessed already so I'm going to say DonutJumper

      Lots of wannabes, but there can only be one Shane.
      Or I think there might be two...

        I know a guy named Shane. Well actually, he works in my office. He never puts his dirty bacteria infested 4 day old coffee cups in the dishwasher. Very annoying. And sometimes he gets paper jams, but doesnt fix them. Actually, I hate shane. I am planning to destroy him.

          I know a Shane like that...But his name is Tim

    You know what I love about Mark's new Scribble game, is that we cant cheat by trawling through game screenshots.. you either know it or you dont. Brilliant!

    You could also do guest scribblers, celebrity scribblers..

      I didn't think of that, that's very true! Awesome!

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