Jade Raymond: Gamers Want 'More Than Explosions'

Jade Raymond played a pivotal role in the development of Assassin's Creed, and now heads up Ubisoft's Montreal studio — now she's on a mission to make video games more interesting.

In an extensive interview with Eurogamer, Raymond claims that we need to move away from assumptions about what the general gaming public wants.

"We tend to think young people just want explosions," she said. "But I don't think it's true. Perhaps even less so than when we were children. I believe we are underestimating our audience by creating the same experience over and over again. We think that this is what they like but I think we are deeply mistaken.

"More and more people come to me at Ubisoft and say, 'I love games. I came into this industry with so many ideas. But I can't continue to make shooters over and over again. I'm not even in line with the messages.' I have that meeting a lot these days. Yeah, it's time to give our teenage medium a kick in the balls."

Personally, I don't like being kicked in the balls, it's painful. But I do agree with Raymond. That being said — she is the head of a massive studio. I'd like to hope that studio is putting its proverbial money where its proverbial mouth is. If she wants change, she is in a position to help make that change happen. I am also very bored of explosions!

Jade's Empire [Eurogamer]


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      Could we maybe not to this again. It was embarrassing enough when Assassins Creed was first announced.

        I mean "Sigh".


          also +100000 give me decent games again. sims and rts have all but gone from the market

      Just got an explosion in my pants

    Yes we do want more than explosions. Jade, we want you. ;)

      Oh wait Ubisoft. Sorry i've boycotted your company. Our love was never meant to be.

    Bored *with* explosions.

    Haha, I first read that headline as "Gamers want more explosions" and thought it was an odd thing to say - and that it would prompt a "discussion" about how she's a woman and hence has no idea what she's talking about.

    But the headline makes sense once I saw the extra word. Now I just expect the comments to be about how hot she is :(

    Im too cynical to believe this press release is anything but a publicity grab to solidify support for a company who doesnt have the greatest reputation at the moment. BioWare were untouchable until recently, and Ubisoft dont have the same rabid fan base to defend their business practices. Perhaps this is step one in building 'gamer cred' to shield them from future mistakes?

      Unfortunately I don't trust anything said by someone working for Ubisoft.

    I agree with Jade and Mark. She needs to now worknon a title without explosions that isn't "my little pony Wii: fasion parade" or "Get fit plus HD" for Kinet.

    Oops! I put all that time into writing a response when I forgot the most important thing about this article. Theres a woman in it! Booooobs!! Am I doin' it right?

    Why would you even want to be associated with a Micheal Bay audience?

    I agree with your summarising paragraph, Mark
    "That being said — she is the head of a massive studio. I’d like to hope that studio is putting its proverbial money where its proverbial mouth is. If she wants change, she is in a position to help make that change happen"

    She needs to put her money where her mouth is. The last game I believe she was involved in was Splinter Cell conviction and that was basically a shooter. Lately I've become sceptical of devs making statements like this and not backing them up with the different games they claim to want.

    Keiji Inafune has been quoted constantly on his belief that Japanese devs lack innovation, well I hope his new game Soul Scrifice is innovative. If not all his posturing will have been for nothing.

    Todd Howard last year claimed that some games should be cheaper than $60, Yet the publisher he worked for released Wet and Rogue warrior at full price. Those two games were not worth full retail pricing.

    In short, most devs need to back up their statements with tangible proof.

      She was originally pretty heavily involved in I Am Alive, though I don't know if her involvement was still continuing when it actually made it to release.

        She wasn't involved in I Am Alive, a lot of people just got their wires crossed :)

    Yes, I want more explosions too. And better gameplay. And world peace (that doesn't have to be in a game)

    Assassins creed, Brothers in arms, Prince of persia, Tom clancy games (splinter cell, rainbow six, ghost recon), beyond good and evil, farcry, rayman despite their horrible drm (which i've never had major problems with) they have made / published some pretty great games. They've probably made some duds too but i think the majority of any flack they cop is from the drm

      Hey! Let's play some Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon co-op since the DLC is on special this week!

    Goodluck with that.

    What I want can be represented as simple venn diagram, with one circle representing explosions and the other, nudity. Both are not mutually exclusive.

    Look at the popularity of Game of Thrones - no explosions. Give us an engaging narrative and solid gameplay and we won't need so much bombastic filler. That's not to say a game shouldn't be visually exciting, but they shouldn't always take the Michael Bay approach.

    Well its not that explosions are the issue. Its how they are delivered that's the issue. Its just the same as with Michael Bay. If he had is way, his movies would ba 90 minutes of 1 giant explosion. But this doesnt sell, so he has to put in atleast a thin plot to guide it. Actually come to think of it. Sounds a lot like call of duty story lines. Big explosions, and Americans being patriotic. But damnit, MP is fun. :P


    Oh, and if you could imagine the camera circling around me while rising as I say that, it'd be great.

    High Mark, just a quick fix:

    Jade Raymond played a pivotal role in the development of Assassin’s Creed, a series whose sales improved dramatically after the addition of bombs...

    I haven't heard from/about this person since Ubisoft whored her out for Assassins Creed.

    I didn't know being an attractive female to be paraded in front of the press near release was a pivotal part of making games.

    Is she the person that all ubisoft games will be almost devoid of challenge ?

    You can have a game with explosions and a good story, gameplay, controls etc. Saying "let's do away with explosions" says very little.

    The amount of comments about her being a woman is astounding... just wow.

      Yeah but to be fair, remember the other day there was that post with the bikini babes pic? Some people (ie: young boys) are just doing what they think they're supposed to do when every other post is some girl dressed like a stripper in order to get page views and comments of FAPFAPFAP, I'd hit that, etc. It's disappointing, but not surprising

        To be fair a lot of those posts were noting that one of the models appeared to have a moustache.

          I actually found the whole "second from the left" thing quite funny.

          Out of all the E3 pictures they could have used, they used that one and people had fun with it.

          Also, why on earth would anyone take a Dev/Pub on their word? Do we not all play games? have we not all been burnt by false promises?

    i think you are all missing the point: SHE IS SUPER HOT.

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