Mega-Producer Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft

Mega-Producer Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft

Jade Raymond, best known for helping produce Assassin’s Creed and a number of other major Ubisoft games like Splinter Cell and Watch Dogs, has left the publisher after 10 years, Ubisoft announced today. Ubisoft’s Alexandre Parizeau will take her old role as head of Ubisoft Toronto, which Raymond founded and has managed since 2009.

“I’ve spent 10 extraordinary years at Ubisoft, and I am proud to have been part of many of the best teams in the industry making truly remarkable games,” Raymond said in a press release.

“This is one of the hardest decisions of my career, but the Toronto studio is strong and on a solid path. I’m confident that now is a good time for me to transition leadership of the studio to Alex and to pursue my other ambitions and new opportunities. Stay tuned for more on what’s next for me, but for now, I’d like to thank Ubisoft for its partnership through the years, and I wish them the very best in all their next endeavours.”


  • Good. One less girl in the gaming industry, infecting games with her girly girlisms.
    She needs a good serving of hate speak and death threats. Yeah, that will show her!

  • Sad to hear her move on but it’s probably for the best. Fingers crossed she takes the indie scene by storm and makes the one thing Ubisoft refused to make…an optimised game.

        • Hmmm…….
          Though Ubi is now one of the ‘big guys’ in terms of development. Which means it’s all about the greatest profit:effort ratio.
          Optimising for PC when most profit is on consoles just doesn’t conform with the orders from the guys in the suits up top.

          Does it suck? sure thing! But I’m never expecting a completely ‘optimised’ experience on PC from any of the big guys any more for any cross-platform title.
          While with the current consoles, it is *somewhat* easier to make cross-platform code, their development environments and graphics API’s are all incredibly different.

          Also, optimising for PC is a LOT more work than optimising for consoles….. so many hardware and driver configurations to cater for.

          [Again, not saying I like this situation. I’m a PC gamer first and foremost. But that is just the grim reality of this environment]

          • Oh I’m fully aware of this. But there are obvious problems if a 750 Ti can max Alien Isolation and yet barely launch Watch Dogs

      • Optimised for every platform the game is released it on. The big one that has been neglected is PC.

  • Impossible, no woman can get into the games industry because of all the misogamy I call bs on her claim of being there for 10 years. This is just misogamist propaganda giving the illusion that there isn’t any problem in the industry.

  • I knew she had a hand in some of the more impressive games of the last decade, but I didn’t know she founded Ubi Toronto. That’s pretty damn impressive. It’ll be interesting to see what she gets up to next.

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