Japanese Game Developer Apparently Harassed So Much, She Attempted Suicide

In 2009, a twenty-something female joined Osaka-based game developer Capcom. The new employee was assigned to a couple different games, before becoming a member of the team developing Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's upcoming big budget title.

At first things were good. Buy by that December, things got awful — really awful. According to a recently released lawsuit, the new employee apparently felt so bullied at Capcom that she tried to take her own life.

A senior female employee was assigned to the Dragon's Dogma team, and this senior employee apparently made the young woman's life miserable. Her new boss supposedly reprimanded only her at meetings and assigned the young woman impossible tasks with zero instructions on how to complete them.

The young employee thought the best way she could help Capcom was to create a database to help internal game development become more efficient. It was a huge project, and the young employee's superiors signed off on the project, realising how important it could be. She thought by creating the database, she could show her worth to the Dragon's Dogma team. In addition to her regular work, the young employee slogged away on the database, working everyday in July and August 2010 well into the night.

Then, suddenly, on October 6, 2010, the young woman was yanked from the Dragon's Dogma team. The database was reassigned to another department. Her boss apparently said, "Even if the database is a success, you are worthless to the team."

Between October 20 and November 4, two other superiors began starting to attempt to get the young employee to quit, saying, "She's problematic", "She abandons her work", "She skips meetings", and "Her ideas stink". It got so bad that the young employee supposedly went to Capcom's H&R for harassment. H&R did nothing.

The harassment did not stop. It got worse and worse until November 11 of that year when the woman sought medical help and was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. And on December 10, the young employee took time off of work. She was depressed and dejected, and she took a large quantity of sleeping pills, antidepressants, and cold medicine in hopes of killing herself. The young woman slept for four days, but thankfully, she did not die.

Even after her mental and physical health improved and even after she finished rehabilitation, there were those at Capcom who apparently did everything possible to make sure she couldn't work, by insisting she had not recovered, suspending her, and ultimately, dismissing the employee.

Kotaku is following up with Capcom and will update this post should the comment comment.


    Sad, and alas doesn't surprise me.

    A Japanese Producer once fired a localisation staffer whilst he was talking to the HO via conference call about firing the staff member. The staffer was interpreting the call at the time.

    Japan is on of the worst places to be in when you're depressed.

    No joke, if you're "depressed", they take you to a hospital and strap you down to the bed until you feel better again.

      I'm not surprised. In a society that places so much value on not inconveniencing each other and "gaman", smiling depression must run rampant!

      Sadly, I don't think this woman will get the justice she deserves. I hope she does though.

    "Currently taking Capcom over this incident."

    Right over it. All of it.

    Taking Capcom to court, you mean? Missing some words there...

      Don't forget the comment comment. Ahhh! I know that Word will come up with a red squiggly line if you write the same word twice. Does he proof read his work at all?

    If this is true, i sympathize with the woman, however i find it kind of odd that EVERYONE at capcom would be against her... 2 sides to every story

      This is Capcom we are talking about here

    Japan nuff said

      Capcom nuff said*

      Fixed that for you.

        Nope, it's Japan. Most of the time they work hard, not smart.

    " Buy by that December"

    Not a surprise, bullying is rife in Japan and mental health assistance is non-existent.

    That's karma for you, Capcom. That's what you get for being greedy bastards with Disc-Locked Content.
    I hope the woman comes to a complete recovery and wins the case against Capcom, or should I say Crapcom

    Go Capcom, that's some great work you lot have going up there! Let's see some moer of that Capcom qualit... wait a second...

    Haha, Capcom. You so crazy. I dont think I've wanted to play a Capcom game in at least a decade. At least, not one developed by them.

    It would be a more provocative story if Brian knew how to spell.

    It seems I'm skipping this game now.
    As reyn puts it: what a bunch of jokers

    Shulk: Well put Reyn!

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