Mass Effect's Garrus Makes An Appearance On ABC

Brandon Keener, also known as the voice of Garrus Vakarian, made an appearance on ABC's Castle this week. You can even hear tinges of the rogueish turian when Keener's voice gets real low. And he didn't even have to calibrate anything.

Now I'll leave you to your Garrus Vakarian/Malcom Reynolds fanfiction.

Garrus Vakarian on ABC's Castle [YouTube — Thanks, Matt!]


    Loved this episode :D

      Indeed! But I thought he sounded more like Wash from Firefly with his over the top screaming :)

    Garrus :-)

    haha..yeah, I can hear it! "and then he stopped..." there.

    Someone needs to put a Taurian voice filter on top of the audia and this'd be perfect.

    Especially the part at the start when he was freaking out!

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