Max Payne 3’s Kill Shots Are Expectedly Violent But Strangely Artistic

Max Payne 3’s Kill Shots Are Expectedly Violent But Strangely Artistic

I’ve seen quite a few slow-motion CGI kill shots in my life, really. That’s part of what it is to play a game featuring guns, in the modern era: you take a shot, and you spend a moment with time slowing around you, watching blood and bone part ways.

Max Payne 3 brings the artistry of murder to a strangely poetic new level. Final Killcam and Last Man Standing modes create violent cutscenes for certain key kills. During these, the player has the choice to slow time — watching the scene play out in all its grisly gory. You could even call it hypnotic (our reviewer did).

Kotaku video man Chris Person wanted to see what happened when you held time for as long as you could; these are his results. There’s a lot of blood (like, a lot), and yet the deaths, in such slow motion, look strangely artistic. Especially when set to music.


  • Friday can’t come soon enough… unless Chris above knows something I don’t… like street date will be broken perhaps?

  • How come no one ever applies physics to dropped weapons by downed enemies? It always looks so strange D:

  • It annoys me that once the badguy is dead the bullets don’t seem to push the body part at all. Hard to explain but think of the jiggling in soldier of fortune. I’m not sure if that happens in real life (I don’t want to know if anyone has seen an actual slo-mo of a bullet wound yikes) but it seems like it could have been done and I think it would feel more satisfying.

    Right now it looks like the bullets have less force than a paintball.

    • Actually, bullets don’t really make bodies jiggle in real life. You just basically collapse and get shredded.

      For example – if a gun had the power to fire bullets that would knock a man backwards a few meters/feet when they hit him, the man firing the gun would also need to be knocked back a few meters/feet simply by firing the weapon. Each and every force needs an equal and opposite reaction.

  • Anyone know if this is being censored in Australia? or is it just prostitutes that get the cut these days GTA style?

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