Obi Wan Kenobi Arrested, Charged With Hit & Run, Yes, This Is A True Story

A 37 year-old man from Roseville, CA by the name of Obiwan Kenobi has been arrested and charged over a four car pile-up on a motorway last week.

Seems Kenobi, while driving, came across some cars backed up on the road. While trying to change lanes, he hit two of them then sped off, which went on to cause the pile-up.

He's been charged with hit-and-run causing injury, but is currently out on bail.

What reports fail to mention is how he got that name. Was he born with it? Were his parents equal parts awesome and cruel? Or did he change it because he was anxious to avoid any Imperial entanglements?

Obiwan Kenobi arrested in connection to Roseville hit, run [News10]


    Well considering he was born in 1975 and Star Wars was released in 1977 his parents didnt name him after the character.I think He legalally changed his name as I dont think it was the name he was born with.

    game news?

      This isn't a game news site.

      It's an gaming and otaku culture site, which should be obvious by the title of the website itself.

        Even if this is an Otaku culture site. That Otaku(Which generally just means they have an overblown devotion to the point of anti-social behavior to something) would be a gaming related devotion.

        Not weak ties to something that is part of nerd culture which also has an even smaller offshoot into gaming.

        It's not a game news site, it's a gaming site. Which the article still has no significant tie to.

        Not sure what people are expecting when they read a headline like that and think that it's actually going to be gaming related, other than to come and make the seemingly obligatory "This isn't gaming related"

        But the argument that this is related in anyway to the general articles of the site is laughable. It's what most of plunketts posts are simply money for click's from the US site. The irony being that he is probably get's the same people every time who feel the need to go this isn't gaming related

          it's also an ENTIRELY OPTIONAL service, not to mention one that is given to you FOR FREE.

          So shut up and stop whining.

            I wasn't complaining.

            I was saying that his statement is just as stupid as those who continually complain about articles like this.

            It's a gaming site, The American posters such as plunkett like to get post's out even if they may not be gaming related. And honestly so long as I can tell from the headline or at least see the byline(something mobile no longer allows :( ) that something might be non gaming related I really don't care what they post.

            Hell I was happy to see the new batman trailer put up by Mark this arvo. It's not gaming related at all, But the headline made that clear anyway's.


            My point is that "Gaming and Otaku culture" are one in the same thing. Since it's merely a detrimental obsession to gaming to use Otaku as it generally is used anyway(since it's normally seen as an insult of sorts)

            Personally I'd have to say I'm more impressed by the fact that the article actually had A) content and B) a source link. Which in the past plunkett has managed to often miss.

            Love how I'm being chewed out for what the OP said since we aren't one in the same and never made a complaint about the it's not gaming related BS

    He certainly didn't use the Force.

    Follow this link and we will never be blessed by you complaining about the fluff articles around here ever again ;)

      But how would they ever get their whiny aggression out?

    Clearly the cops didn't fall for the old Jedi Mind Tricks.

    I wonder if he tried the old "this isn't the skinhead you're looking for" on the officer who pulled him in.

      Damn it! Nature is turning me into a skin head too.

    Clearly this wouldn't have happened if he had been driving his landspeeder.

    plunket used theif on smoking gun, smoking gun used counter

    Police are still looking for his droids.

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