Reader Review: The Walking Dead

BlueMaxima is a pretty prolific guy — he's written a fair few Reader Reviews, and I've enjoyed all of them. Today he's looking at The Walking Dead, the game you totally can't play on console, but can on Steam for some reason!

Take it away BlueMaxima!

The Walking Dead: A New Day

Telltale have been on a downwards ramp lately. With the average Puzzle Agent 2 and the godawful Jurassic Park, I was worried that they were losing their touch. But now with a new adventure based on The Walking Dead, can Telltale bring themselves back to the top of their game or will mediocrity strike again?

Loved Graphical Style: With a graphical style that reminds me of Borderlands more than anything else, The Walking Dead is presented with a comic-like cel shaded visual style. The game looks much closer to its visual novel brethren and is a pleasure to look at.

Maturity: This isn’t a kid’s game, and it’s not much like Jurassic Park either. There’s blood, gore, violence, death and swearing, but not so much as to become redundant or worse, boring. It always feels relevant, required and in-place with where it’s dropped in, and for a piece of media (let alone a game) about zombies that’s incredibly impressive.

Story: With loveable characters with deep backstories, top-notch voice actors, a constantly moving forward storyline and a few cameos by known characters, The Walking Dead’s story manages to keep you engaged throughout the entire few hours you spend playing it, and makes you want to keep going. That’s how it really should be with the first episode of an episodic game.

Replayability: On top of the great story you’re given several choices to make throughout the game (and sometimes they can be really hard choices to make). With the promises that the choices you make will reflect on later games (and this one too) you can definitely come back more than once to see where other choices might end up.

Hated Controls: The Walking Dead, despite being a point and click game, doesn’t actually play that well on your typical keyboard and mouse setup, being generally slow and clunky, and sometimes difficult to actually select what choice you want quickly enough. You can plug in a gamepad and use it, Xbox style, and the game actually handles better with it. Think about that for a second. A point and click game… that works better on a controller. A CONTROLLER.

It seems Telltale has managed to dig itself out of its grave, with The Walking Dead being engaging and entertaining on all levels (except do something about those controls lads) and I honestly look forward to the next episode. For a good example of how adventure games should be done today, or if you’re a fan of good storytelling/The Walking Dead in general, be sure to pick this one up. The next episode comes out soon!


    Hopefully they do get around to having the game classified and released on consoles.

    Perhaps once all 5 episodes have been completed they can classify them as a single unit for one fifth the price?

      It will never clear our ratings systems without an R classification. Not no way, not no how.

        Why do you think that? Everything I've heard about the game makes it sound like the violence is quite stylised. There is worse stuff that gets through as MA15+ on first submission.

          I don't think that - I know that. Play it and compare it to what has been banned before (for less). It's not just my opinion, Telltale didn't submit if for classification here for the same reason.

          If you can't have zombie corpses and blood in L4D2 you sure as hell can't have hammer-interactive zombie craniums. SPOILER: The eyes look awesome.

            Guys. I hate to break it to you but the game already got classified MA15 when it got released on the PC. It therefore is MA15. They just CHOSE not to release it on console for whatever stupid reason they had... I dont buy the whole mature gamer thing otherwise they never would have released it on steam either.

              My steam won't let me buy it...

              Are you sure about that? There is no record of it being submitted for classification here:


    I think you missed the word 'despite' in the first sentence of the 'Controls' bit. The way it sits now suggests that, as a rule, point and click games are unsuited towards keyboard and mouse.

    That asian kid in the picture looks like short round, "Dr Jones Dr Jones!"

    Your Comment

    Its called using the US playstation store

    I can't stand TellTale's current control system. It's just clunky. People have complained about it since it first showed up in Wallace and Gromit but it's not getting any better.

    The writing in TellTale games is usually OK. It's above average but nothing stellar. They do consistently nail the voice acting, though. There's also a total lack of challenge/accomplishment to their games.

    Overall I just end up kind of bored. I finished Sam and Max season 3 because I'd paid for it and I like the characters, not because I was having fun.

    It's going to take something pretty special to get me to buy another one of their games, and that's sad because I was so in love with the company when they started up. Overall I haven't felt like any of their games have been good enough to stand alone, though. I've been pre-ordering their seasons based purely on nostalgia for the original IP, not for the quality of the products themselves.

    Nice review! I'll have to check this out. I'll probably wait until it's on sale though.
    I quite liked Jurassic Park (all things considered), so hopefully I won't mind the controls.

    To sum it up, once you start playing you need to know how it finishes, despite the most painful control system and total lack of gameplay since JP.

    Damn why would they make it a visual novel game (point-and-click.) If Rockstar handled (considering they use Red Dead Redemption engine) this they could have made an open-world zombie game where you meet people, you can decide to join them or not. Maybe meet people along the way.

    That is so beautiful. All of our snow is piled up in brown modnus on the curbs...not pretty any more. Your picture reminds me that there is still plenty of winter to come (and that's a good thing).

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