Saints Row 4 For Current Generation Consoles Shows Up On LinkedIn

Saints Row 4 For Current Generation Consoles Shows Up On LinkedIn
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With THQ recently dropping its delightful yet unprofitable kids’ games in favour of working on games that actually make money, it’s only a matter of time before the developer’s best-selling franchise gets a third sequel. Time and the work of Saints Row 4 lead prop and weapon artist David Payne.

According to a LinkedIn profile discovered by Superannuation, David “3DS Max” Payne has been doing art of the Saints Row series since the second game, including the recent smash hit Saints Row 3 and it’s upcoming standalone expansion, Enter the Dominatrix. So whatever this Saints Row 4 he lists as a current project on his profile is, it’s a new thing.

Two items to take from this listing: Payne lists Saints Row 4 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, indicating this is a game aimed at the current generation of consoles. Second, it is highly likely that, at some point, Payne has been involved in the creation of a virtual dildo.

Late last year THQ producer Danny Bilson mentioned to X-Play that preliminary work was underway on the next game in the series.

David Payne [Linkedin via Superannuation]


  • I’m hoping this will have the depth the SR2 along with the updates engine of SR3. Saints Row: The Third was awesome, but I don’t find myself going back for some co-op madness as much as I have with Saints Row 2 over the last few years. Understandable since they either built a new engine or heavily overhauled it for SR3, that would take up more of the development time I assume.

  • I loved the first 2 but had trouble getting into the 3rd one, only bothering to finish it last week.

    It was fun, but the story or the city didn’t really do it for me so hopefully they improve things for SR4.

  • SR3 was the biggest crock of crap, half the game was missing at the start, took me 2 weeks before I could play it with some sort of sound (but still not all) and then they have the gall to ask for $15 per DLC to get the rest of the game that should of been there in the first place. Im not getting screwed again.

  • Kept hearing awesome things about SR3 and thought I might get around to it later. I’ll probably just get SR4 instead. 😀

  • Hasn’t it been established that the languages for 720 and PS4 will be the same as current gen machines?
    Maybe they’re just working on it with the plan to switch it over when they know more.

  • Really a 4th one? After finally being able to play SR2 recently I was rather disappointed, I got the impression it was so awesome and all this. It just felt clunky and it didn’t impress me at all =/

    Oh well, maybe it is more a console than PC game.

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