Saints Row 4 For Current Generation Consoles Shows Up On LinkedIn

With THQ recently dropping its delightful yet unprofitable kids’ games in favour of working on games that actually make money, it’s only a matter of time before the developer’s best-selling franchise gets a third sequel. Time and the work of Saints Row 4 lead prop and weapon artist David Payne.

According to a LinkedIn profile discovered by Superannuation, David “3DS Max” Payne has been doing art of the Saints Row series since the second game, including the recent smash hit Saints Row 3 and it’s upcoming standalone expansion, Enter the Dominatrix. So whatever this Saints Row 4 he lists as a current project on his profile is, it’s a new thing.

Two items to take from this listing: Payne lists Saints Row 4 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, indicating this is a game aimed at the current generation of consoles. Second, it is highly likely that, at some point, Payne has been involved in the creation of a virtual dildo.

Late last year THQ producer Danny Bilson mentioned to X-Play that preliminary work was underway on the next game in the series.

David Payne [Linkedin via Superannuation]


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