Some Of Japan's Biggest Names Team Up For... An iOS Game

Famed role-playing game music composer Nobuo Uematsu. Scenario writer Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII). Art director Hideo Minaba (Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IX). And character designer Nakaba Higurashi (Baiten Kaitos).

All are going forces for iOS role-playing game Borderwalker. In the game, your goal is to restore the world of Borderwalker, which was split into two parts: perpetual day and perpetual night.

The game features a touch-based battle system that divides the screen into a 3x3 grid, allowing players to use different skills by touching different grid spots.

Borderwalker is now on iTunes for ¥900 ($10).


    Comment won't seem to load..

    Looks alright. I can't believe they went with iOS. I'm guessing shorter development times and suchlike. Faster to market.

    Allow me to translate!
    You are a child of darkness. One who crosses over the borders of time.
    Dayland and Nightland. Two worlds.
    Drawn far from one another by an ancient magic,
    the people, the towns, everything is different.
    You will transcend those borders.
    Nikolai : Anyway, I'm counting on you. Encounter(?) her at the border of this place.
    Yes, she's a Nightlander.
    Emilie: But you're a Daylander. Why is that letter...
    Unravel all the stories.
    (likely mission names?)
    Repair the Castle Walls
    Help the lost child.
    Bring in the bar patrons.
    Repair the streetlights
    Go back to Entrance
    Head back above ground
    Enemies will block your way.
    Your Journey across borders begins now.

    first game that actually fully utilizes ios device's touch screen? Awesome

    Australian Android store. NOW!

    From what I could see of the gameplay it doesnt look very deep or interesting.. THAT being said it looks different and has some good names behind it, I will definitely give it a go!

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