Superstars Of Indie Gaming…Unite!

Superstars Of Indie Gaming…Unite!

Coming together like a less muscular version of the Justice League, Steve Courtney’s INDIES, ASSEMBLE! brings together the stars of games like Braid, Journey and Minecraft in the one incredible image.

It’s due to appear in an upcoming issue of Jumpbutton magazine, but if you feel like getting it now, there are wallpaper-sized versions available at the link below.

INDIES,ASSEMBLE! [Steve Courtney, via Reddit]


  • Wait…..Bastion has a publisher. Isn’t the current internet rage opinion that that makes them not indie?

  • I recognise Meat Man, Creepo, Sergeant Vidya, Michael Bluth and ET. But who’s the MC Hammer, Jade and Assassin’s Bleed?

    • that’s the Kid from Bastion, the Scythian from Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, and the wanderer from Journey.

  • I’m going to give a shout out to Legend of Grimlock; an Indie game with great production value and fantastic gameplay. It really puts Skyrim’s dungeon crawling to shame.

  • For a second I got really excited and thought this was going to be some sort of awesome Smash Bros style fighting game with all the best of indies.

    • You mean like Fez, the Creeper, Super Meat Boy and Braid? Damn you, after searching all those names I realised how many of the characters are from games that had publishers, not that it matters much

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