There Are Lots Of Cool-Looking Indie Games Coming Out This September

Here's the latest trailer from the Indie Games Uprising, a program designed to promote indie games on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This year it's running from September 10 to September 20. One game a day.

Some of these indies look pretty damn cool. Any of them catch your eye?


    We don't get indie games on xbla in Aus, do we?

      I think we do but maybe half a year later after Australia give it a rating?

      Does anyone know if that's going to change next year when the rating system changes to accommodate R18+? Or is MS just shafting us or is some other BS Australian thing preventing us from getting the indie channel?

        The reason we don't get it is because it costs devs/publishers too much to rate games to make indie games worth it. There is a recent exception for smartphone games and other online games, so long as it doesn't breach MA classification, but I don't think that applies to any console titles.

        MS still have to enable the indie channel in Aus.
        They won't be able to start that process until after we get an R18 rating.

        Personally, I figure they'll wait until their next console (which has a strong chance of being a christmas 2013 launch) is released before they make the change.

    Very simple to make a US account and buy some points on ebay.

    Xenominer, yet another shameless Minecraft ripoff.

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