Take A Snapshot Of This Puzzling Platformer

Take A Snapshot Of This Puzzling Platformer

Snapshot looks like a very cute game indeed. The puzzle-platformer works on the premise that the player character has a camera that basically works like a global cut-and-paste tool. He takes a picture of something in the world, then pastes that picture somewhere else. Ta-da! Obstacle moved, path smoothed.

Like certain other puzzle games, objects continue their momentum through the process. Speedy thing gets cut, speedy thing gets pasted. Combined with the ability to rotate photos, comical results no doubt occasionally ensue.

The game is scheduled to launch on both PS3 and PS Vita via the PlayStation Network later this year.

Introducing Snapshot, Coming to PS Vita and PS3 This Fall [PlayStation Blog]


  • That is brilliant. As with all of these physics-puzzle type games, the quality of the game is reliant on both the mechanic, and the level design. But that mechanic seems rock-solid. I hope they include a level editor, fan creations are always ridiculous and awesome.

    Also, I have no doubt we will see a fan made flash clone of this show up before the game itself is released.

    • There might already be a flash version somewhere… lol

      That demo is already making my head hurt, could be a real head scratching game, will be watching for this one.

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