The Adventures Of James Vega

James Vega can be an easy character to overlook, in Mass Effect 3. He's just another human guy, and the final game in the trilogy is the first time he appears. He hides out down in the Normandy's cargo bay, a little out of the way when Shepard's just making the rounds.

But James Vega, too, is a character with feelings, hopes and dreams, and one particular artist on Tumblr has been having a bit of fun with a packet of crayons and this space marine's inner life.

In The Adventures of James Vega (rad dude) and More Adventures of James Vega (cool bro), we get an up-close and personal look at day-to-day life as one of Shepard's crew.

So much of Mass Effect is so gut-wrenchingly serious that it's nice to see a sillier take. But no matter how crayon-scribbled the note, Mr Vega and I clearly agree on one thing: banshees are a definite Do Not Want.

A selection of scenes from both adventures can be found here; scope out the original posts for more.

The Adventures of James Vega (rad dude) [munkeestuff's tumblr] More Adventures of James Vega (cool bro) [munkeestuff's tumblr]


    James was a hell of a lot better than Jacob.

      I'm only midway through ME2 and I'm really losing patience with Jacob.

      I can't agree with that. I didn't care for Jacob, but Vega was so one dimensional, and it was a fairly retarded one at that. "Hey Loco, lets pump chest bro, it'll be fully sick!"

      I think your only giving him a free pass because you only had to use him for one mission. I completely forgot he was down in the hold.

        I took him on nearly every mission, his little input on everything was quiet entertaining

          ...can't tell if misspelling or pun.

    Why make original content when I can just link to other people's funny stuff!?!?!

    Kinda felt like the Mass Effect creators over at Bioware must have had Jersey Shore reruns in the break room or something because both the "War Reporter" lady and James "Check the pecs" Vega both seem a little too familiar, if you follow.



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