How Badly Is James Vega Going To Screw Up In Mass Effect 3's Anime Prequel?

Freddie Prinze, Jr. reprises his role as Mass Effect 3 super-soldier James Vega in this December's animated movie Mass Effect: Paragon Lost. The first trailer hit in July. The new one here intensifies the action.

Paragon Lost tells a story about Vega and his squad of special forces as they fight against the Collectors. The feature-length anime from FUNimation and Production I.G., the studio behind anime ranging from Ghost in the Shell to The Matrix.

Paragon Lost will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 28.

Want more? Here's the premiere trailer from this past July.


    James Vega, the character who sums up what happens to an IP when its acquired by EA. Now in anime form!

      Vegas wasnt that bad. Yeah he was a stereotypical space marine, but I kinda liked him regardless.

      What confuses me, is if your going to animate a back story from ME, why not just do Garrus's time as Archangel? It automatically lends itself to action, sacrifice and suffering. That could be interesting.

        Garrus is a legend. Did anyone play ME without him at their side?

        Make that +2
        More Garrus = Win.

    If any studio is going to do any adaptation justice, it'd be Production I.G.
    From Sky Crawlers, to Ghost in the Shell to Eden of the East, they are an awesome studio and I'll definitely watch this, even though I'm not that big on Mass Effect.

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