The Cars And Cosplay Of This Party Are Dreamy

Held in both Osaka and Tokyo, Dream Party is a bi-annual event for bishoujo (beautiful young girl) computer games. This weekend, Dream Party rolled through Tokyo, filling the Tokyo Big Sight convention hall with cosplayers, figurines, computer games and cars covered in nerdy decals.

Last year, cosplayers got in the way of the crazy cars; though, this year, that doesn't seem to be an issue. Phew! Hate it when people get in front of cars.

Check out photos of the cars (and cosplay) from websites AkibaOS and Asagawo Blog.

DreamParty東京2012春 「恋色空模様」車や「はつゆきさくら」車など 痛車展示会場の様子 Part.1, Part.2 [AkibaOS]

DreamParty東京2012春 会場内の各ブースとコスプレイヤーさんの様子 Part.1 [AkibaOS]

ビッグコスプレ博・2012春 -コスプレ彼女 その1-, その2, その3, その4 [アサガヲBlog]


    damn those cosplay outfits are sooo cute ^_^ down side is it looks slutty but hey there pretty cute! & the cars OMG! there just so amazing

    Oh I thought this was Gran Turismo cosplay.

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