It's Ladies Only At Tokyo's Dream Party

On September 30, the twice-a-year DreamParty roared through Tokyo. The fall event is aimed at bishoujo (beautiful girl) video games, and it celebrates bishoujo figurines and cosplay.

So, if you are hoping to see some hunky male cosplayers in this gallery (courtesy of an array of Japanese cosplay sites), you'll be disappointed. Sorry!

The DreamParty is held in both Tokyo and Osaka. While the autumn DreamParty has already wrapped up in Tokyo, it will hit Osaka on October 14.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 [アサガヲBlog]

ドリームパーティー東京2012秋 2012.9.30(ダイジェスト版) [怠惰らぼっちなおおかみ]

天使みゅ。さん&Lenfriedさん, Lenfriedさん, 木葉さん・みちこさん・甘栗いるふさん, 甘栗いるふさん, みちこさん, 木葉さん, 八重舞子さん, ねこさん [West Windsor]

DreamParty東京2012秋/ビッグコスプレ博 12.9.30(a) [違和的角色空間!]


    Man I love cosplay!

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