The Most Brutal Mortal Kombat Fatality Isn't Always The Bloodiest

Wait, what? I didn't pay for front row seats to the Mortal Kombat tournament just to be deprived of bloody entertainment!

At least that's what I imagine is running through the heads of the audience when Scorpion decides to forgo a fatality move. They've been robbed of the awesomely gruesome fatalities known to the fighting game. I would not blame them for feeling shafted.

But what a way worse fate Scorpion has actually unleashed on Sub-Zero. Best case scenario, he could have been a full-time hula-hooper. Or maybe a yoga instructor.

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    Thought it was lame until the ending.


    As someone who suffers from the occasional crippling bouts of Vertigo that can last days, I really feel for Sub Zero.

    lol it was pretty funny

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