The Next Tales Game Will Feature More Modern Setting

The Next Tales Game Will Feature More Modern Setting

Tales games are generally known for high fantasy, but the next one will take a new route, according to a report.

Speaking to Japanese magazine Famitsu (as reported by Andriasang), Tales producer Hideo Baba said the next Tales game, which still hasn’t officially been announced yet, will have a modern feel.

He also revealed the new game’s tagline: “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?”

The things I do for love…

Baba Talks Next Tales With Famitsu [Andriasang]


  • Bah.
    I prefer mah fantasy. While not a deciding factor, it was just one of the reasons I prefer FF IX over VII.
    Also I don’t know that I’d refer to Tales as ‘high fantasy’… but then it isn’t low fantasy either, ya know when I think about it, the closest thing that suits is ‘children’s fantasy.’
    Also the tagline sucks. I’ve always felt Tales handled non romantic relationships a LOT better than romantic ones, and even then I prefer a focus on plot to character growth. The idea of a whole game in the vein of Asbel/Cheria … *shudder*

  • I’m reserving judgment until I see what this actually means. I’m a huge fan of Tales so I don’t doubt it’ll be a good game. I’m hoping something with a sort of dieselpunk / industrial-machines-powered-by-magic thing going on like FF7. Or maybe we’ll get something a bit like Resonance of Fate. Either way, I think the most interesting thing in the interview wasn’t this tidbit, it was that they’ve absorbed people from the Soul Calibur team. Really hope that means we’ll see enhancements to the combat system based off their expertise.

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