The Simpsons Are Really Psyched For Diablo III

You know the introduction theme for The Simpsons? You know how each episode ends with the weird-looking family plopping down on the couch in a new and unique way? Well, Matt Groening, please look no further than the above direction for another new and unique plopping idea.

For now this awesome potential couch gag exists only as fan art. But imagine it on May 15th, plastered onto your television screen. You'd probably still be left to imagining it, because I suspect you'll all be too busy doing something else.

Bashiok [Twitter via DiabloFans via Reddit]


    'each episode *ends* with the weird-looking family plopping down on the couch in a new and unique way'. I would take a moment to seriously consider that sentence. Also the title is misleading, it suggests that the picture shown actually has been included in a simpsons episode. errday

      You're being a bit hasty there, Cheesus Chazef. His first words included the term 'introduction sequence', and while it is weird to consider the intro an episode in itself, now that I think about it, since it differs every episode, it really is a mini-series in itself. He clearly meant the end of the intro sequence.

      Also, that's quite a jump about the 'misleading'-ness of the title. Would knowing that it hasn't been in an actual episode have made you not click it? Request for changing the headline to "Guy Draws Diablo-themed picture of Simpsons on Couch". Do we have a second? Oh, noone really cares? Ok.

      In fact, the only problem that i had with the article is that Bashiok or Jay Wilson (can't remember which) tweeted this like 2-3 days ago :S

    "You’d probably still be left to imagining it, because I suspect you’ll all be too busy doing something else."

    Like... not watching The Simpsons?

      Do they still even make that show?

        Sadly, yeah. They've been scraping the bottom of the barrel for years. Saw an ad for a new episode the other day that involved a teenager in an alleyway flashing Bart. *Shakes head*

          To clarify, it was a girl.

    No, what Matt Groening should really do is hire some better writers. You know, because The Simpsons hasn't been funny since Season 9/10 :(

      I woudnt say that, infact i wasnt a fan of the first 3 seasons, but season 4 thought to 15 were brilliant, while from 16 on wards theres been alot of hits and a few mehs and some misses. Infact one of the my favorite episodes is the 24 rip off aptly titled 24 minutes and guest stared Kiefer Sutherland.

      Plus if the new futurama episodes are anything to go by, you should blame fox more than the staff of simpsons as the new futrama epsode that are on Comedy Central are just as great as the originals and yet also more adult

        There have actually been some better episodes in the most recent seasons. They're a far cry from the Simpsons at their prime, but there's been some good writing and decent humour here and there. If only they could keep that up consistently, it'd be more worth tuning in.

        I thought The Simpsons went downhill because of the fact that all the best writers left to do Futurama?

          Futurama went downhill after that terrible second movie...

      your implying that it was funny in the first place!

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