While You Were Sleeping

Man, I just woke up, but I had this really terrible nightmare where BioShock Infinite got delayed and Ken Levine was all like, "we just want to make the game more awesome." Wait, what? That actually happened? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Yep, sorry guys. While you were sleeping, Ken Levine and his team announced that BioShock Infinite, which is probably my most anticipated game at this point, personally, has been delayed into 2013. To be fair, it looks like it'll be a short delay, and the game will drop in Feb. Kinda like Mass Effect 3 this year. Not all bad, really.

Diablo III — I hear it's a big deal. How would you like a part time job where you just go to the shop and buy the game for someone, because that is a job that exists. Also — apparently The Simpsons are really psyched for the game.

This is the most terrifying Mario you'll ever see, and this is pretty interesting: in Japan they are trying to phase out gambling elements in social games.

In Short The Most Terrifying Mario You'll Ever See BioShock Infinite Delayed To 2013 How About A Part Time Job Buying Diablo III The Simpsons Are Really Psyched For Diablo III In Japan: Social Game Makers To Phase Out Gambling Elements


    Hey guys, SAFE is in cinemas today.

    She has the code and he is the key

    It's an exhilarating action picture that packs a punch with high adrenalin stunts and shoot-em-up action. The Stath is in top form. This is Statham at his best


      What the?

        Bit of an injoke Benny. Kotaku has been plastered with ads for the movie Safe for the past week so a few of the community regulars have been having a bit of fun with Mark about it.

          It has? Wow..glad my work PC has a nice blocker of such insidious materials.

    That's too bad, Atleast there's still Assassin's Creed 3 and maybe even The Last of Us... Dishonoured too?

    I hope whoever posted their unique code for that console voting site got reamed over it. Very sneaky.

    I don't mind the Bioshock delay, I trust Ken Levine's work.

    "Wow... Because right after that I dreamed our world had been conquered by malevolent, spacefaring dog-men, known as the Canid."

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