These Squishy Nintendo Controllers Were Meant For Hugging

Haven't you always wanted to cozy up with an NES? OK, well, maybe not so much. They do have a lot of sharp edges, and do you even know where that controller has been? I swear I saw the dog licking it yesterday, and then your little brother —

Well. Over at her shop Felt Sew Good, crafter Lucy Sparrow has made a whole line of retro gaming cushions that you can — nay, should — curl up with. It's like the 1980s, reincarnated in pillow form. The original Game Boy, the NES, the SNES... they're all here, soft, cuddly, and quite a bit larger than life. There's even a ZX Spectrum, if you're feeling particularly old-school.

Classic Nintendo Cushions Keep Gamers Comfy and Cozy [Technabob, via tumblr]


    Man, they’re awesome. I have no place for one of my house but I still want them all.

    I love the name, “felt sew good”. Heh heh heh heh… punny.

    do want!!!!!!!!

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