A Bittersweet Reunion With The NES

Can your Nintendo miss you? Can you keep it together while a man reflects on the misty water-coloured memories of Super Mario Bros 3 speed runs and being a Battletoad? Are you already re-hooking up your NES, Kotaku reader?

Still Unemployed 13 [YouTube via Reddit]


    battle toads was one of my favorites ahh the memories

      I put myself thruogh so much misery in Battletoads. Constant replays. Level 1 easy, Level 2 Easy, Level 3 F#@*ing hard.

      Me and my brothers would just play levels 1-3 over and over again. Then if we finally made it past level 3, that's when the game would really start. We basically treated Level 1 and 2 as a loading screen.

        So true. I could never get past the stage where you race the rat with the bomb. That's where I eventually gave up.

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