This Dirty PC Might Gross You Out

I sometimes worry about the insides of my PC. I don't clean it as often as I probably should. Is there too much dust in there? Is that dust going to break something dear to me?

It might, but then, I see videos like this and think, shit, my PC is spotless compared to some people's.

So gross.

A PC full of filth! [LiveLeak, via Neatorama]


    I have heaps of stuff like that in my garage, I call it "trash".

    I need to invest in an air compressor myself. Will make cleaning dust out of my PC much easier when I need to.

      easy solution, go to OfficeWorks and get cans of compressed air.... worked a treat on my last custom build, which hadn't been clean for over 2.5 years prior :P

        Use cans of compressed air instead of an air compressor, the force that an air compressor has can easily dislodge capacitors and other things.

    Yeah but what location is that PC in, if it's in a dusty work environment compared to somebodies room it could be that bad every month.

    I've had the joy of repairing PCs in a slaughterhouse. A little dust isn't so bad. :)

      No doubt you'd have some horror stories.

      PC maintenance is a must. Yeah, it's a bit of a pain, but the inconvenience(torture) of having your hardware go kaput because you don't take care of her is much, much worse.

        On a more humorous note, the factory butchers had a special touch-screen console that was designed to work with their chain mesh gloves. This was supposed to help them to work faster because they could leave their hand protection on. Great idea, only the buggers figured out it was even faster just to chop at the buttons on screen with their cleavers. It was always funny to get calls about "a broken touch screen" and go out to find them gouged half to hell. :D

      As a tech that services a client that uses PCs in a metal cutting company I sympathise.

    Pfft, I've had to clean worse. Spiders nests, dead mice, similar levels of dust with smokers tar added to the mix (air compressors don't work on that) even laptops with cat pee through them...this is nothing compared to stuff I've seen.

      God no! I never bother with electronics covered in cat pee, straight into the bin! (usually only stuff left in the shed - had to throw out six megadrives that I was going to mod a couple of years ago. Lucky they cost jack all too get!)


    Yeah that's not really all that bad. And considering how open the case is rather easy to clean too. whack a couple of things in those PCI slots and it would be a little nastier to deal with.

    5 + years of dust cleaned in 3 minutes.

    That PC is like 8yrs old and has prolly been in storage for the past 5 yrs its not like the guy was using it yesterday.

    Ive seen much worse than this. At a place I was working at in Mackay, A mining town. We used to find all sorts of shit in PC towers. Along with caked on dust 3 cm thick in some cases.
    We found a bad of old weed once, im guessing he was hiding it from mum when his pc got confiscated and put in lockup.
    We found a dead mouse in another.
    And its ridiculous how you can tell a person is a smoker as soon as you open the side of their pc case. That smell.. Rank as hell

    If you're going to use an air compressor to clean out your case, make sure you don't spin up the fans too much (you can damage the bearings) and fit a air water seperator on the compressor so you get all the moisture out of the air before you use it on your electronics.

      I was thinking the same thing with the fans. One neat trick I use is a couple of paperclips and jam them in. Keeps the fans safe while you clean away.

    Newsflash, 100% of all PCs I open up here at work are like this and I am sure there are far worst ones out in the wild...

    that was almost as bad as my old PC wondered for close to a year why it sounded like a vacuum lol

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