This Is A Weird, Depressing Way To Unlock A New Assassin's Creed Trailer

Earlier today, we got to see just a portion of a new Assassin's Creed III trailer. Just a glimpse! Like this series on Facebook and you can see the whole thing!

Or so we thought...

I liked Assassin's Creed on Facebook and I was led to the image you see here, an image that manages to capture at least half of what's wrong about viral social-media promotion, mixed with a dash of bizarre rah-rah-America numerology. They really need 1,776,000 Facebook likes/tweets/friend-spams and such?

The message is this: you must be an unpaid Facebook shill for Assassin's Creed before you will be allowed to see a new commercial for Assassin's Creed.



    so how long until someone makes a bot just to create 1776000 fake profiles just to release it?

    Very annoying as someone who got rid of his social networking a few months ago. I can't even enter most competitions because you need to like it on Facebook.

    I don't have Facebook, but why wouldn't everyone with Facebook bombard the Facebook page with a message stating they won't Like the page and are against bullshit marketing practices like this?

      There are quite a few complaints on their wall about it, actually. For example:

      "Quit trying to make cheap commercial for your game and just release the trailer. If the trailer is cool I'll share the actual trailer. This video isn't worth sharing, and thus I will not."

    Nice work Ubisoft. You're presuming I'm interested enough in this game to go through the effort to help 'unlock' the trailer, when the trailer is what should be used to interest me in the game. You're not rewarding current fans, you're annoying them and blocking out people who might be interested but currently don't care.

    Brilliant idea: get the public to do the marketing whilst the marketing department at ubisoft kick back with a scotch and discuss the important things important people discuss

      I'm imagining Don Draper relaxing in his office, casually swearing to himself in French while holding a glass of congac.

    I'm not really sure why anyone would be so violently against this idea, based on your ultimate desire to view this advertising material. How can you be so opposed to marketing on one hand, and desperate to participate in it (ie. watch a trailer) on the other?

      For me, the idea is ridiculous, ultimately they are trying to sell me a game, but for me to get information on the game I have to make a Facebook/Twitter Account and also spam my friends also.

      Why am a trying to promote something I don't really know anything about? On the extreme end of things, what if the trailer was a Rick Roll? That wouldn't help them at all and just piss off more people.

      They have something I might want, but I have to "Like" them to be given access to it, only along with a million other people. Perhaps this will be the new DRM in the future, the game will unlock when we get 2.5 million Likes and Followers and be aware that the game will automatically check for your Facebook & Twitter accounts to be linked, if no account is found it won't play and at 30min intervals you will automatically post how much you like the game for everyone to see.

        You don't have to make an account or spam your friends. The ad will be released either way, just the timing depends on how fast people do it. Not to mention that I believe you can make such Facebook posts viewable only to yourself, thus no-one is spammed. Anyway, I think your "new DRM in the future" theory is reductio ad absurdum taking to to it's absurd limits. So, like, reductio ad absurdum ad absurdum.

        I think the idea is a little silly, but it doesn't deserve the hate it's getting on the net. Indifference, perhaps?

          Of course I know the trailer will be released regardless, so the fact remains the whole campaign that Ubisoft is running is pointless. If the target isn't met, then I would love for them to actually say 'too bad' we didn't get enough votes or whatever, at least it will provide meaning.

          They can't do that because they need to market the game, I have no problem recommending games to friends (their Recruit Friends option) if there was something to recommend but as it stands me doing that doesn't actually guarantee anything unless there are thousands more that do the same.

          Yes, we are the customer that buy their games, but that doesn't seem to be enough these days, these blocks they put in place just use the customer to further the company profile (oh look how popular our game pages are!).

          My DRM reference wasn't exactly a serious comment, I mean we still don't understand why some offline only games still need an internet connection to play (piracy is usually the publisher standpoint), but who knows what will happen in the future!

      I don't violently oppose this, but it doth make my eyes roll.

      I'm opposed to doing the marketing for them.

        Though I wouldn't say violently opposed ;)

    It's not that different to what Blizzard are doing on that Reveal site. It's stupid, but it's par for the course these days.

    Thing is, I'm a mid-aged gamer, I use facebook occasionally to socialise, and I sure as heck don't want my page to be covered in game advertisements for Blizzard. Im not embarrased about being a gamer, but what I do in my own time is none of anybody else's business.

    I think for every *like* that page gets, there's another person who just got alienated for not wanting to make public their hobbies.

    Consumers apparently have to earn the right to enjoy Ubisoft's "incredible" products by manufacturing a fanbase for them. There goes Ubisoft, thinking it's being clever again...

    so in other word assassin greed makers don't like money.

    How do I know if I "like" it if I haven't seen it?

    This is almost as bad as Jay Z and Beyonce renting a fucking hospital. That of which falls just short of Nazi Germany.

    This is why Facebook needs a Hate button. And if someone gets below a certain Like to Hate ratio on their posts their account gets deleted.

    Also someone should go to their place of business and slap them.

    Screw trailers, screw competitions and screw reviews.

    Give me back the DEMO.

    Publishers these days....

    They did the same thing with Dark Souls. Why has no one mentioned that yet?

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