Here's Your First Look At Desmond In Assassin's Creed III

You know, people focus on Altair and Ezio and Connor as the faces of Assassin's Creed but really Ubisoft's historical action series is really Desmond Miles's story. So it's a bit weird that we haven't seen what the Assassin descendant looks like in Assassin's Creed III's new Anvil engine.

The screens here come from Assassin's Creed Chile page on Facebook. One appears to portray Desmond along with the Animus-operating allies of Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane. Rebecca's character model appears to have gone the most drastic changes. Do you see any big differences here?

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    I'm not buying anothe assassins creed game until its set in the present with Desmond.

      I don't think you'll ever see it. The charm is in the history.

      You're not the first to say this, and I don't really understand this line of thinking.

      Surely the whole appeal of the series is to run around historical cities? The modern sections feel novel in the previous games, sure, but I have zero desire to spend a whole game playing them.

        I'm with you, Batguy. I am not convinced Desmond can carry a game by himself, and given that the Templars and Assassins are pretty much underground organisations in the 'modern day' I am not convinced a decent action game using existing game mechanics (such as open city exploratin) can be set in the modern day world without breaking the mythology or stretching suspension of disbelief too far.

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        I don't get it either. Honestly I find the framing story with Desmond incredibly annoying and would have preferred not to have had any of those SF trappings, just the historical stuff.

          No, I agree as well. The historic stories were great. I quite liked Ezio and Altair.
          Desmods story, and the Sci Fi stuff is the worst. They seriously sound like they're just making it up as they go along.

      Ubisoft have said all along ACIII is the end of Desmond's story so unless whatever % of this game is present day makes you happy then you might be waiting a while.

    It's nice to finally see something about Desmond. That second image looks awesome! And intriguing.

    What I want to see is more of the brain busting puzzles that were sadly dropped for the most recent installment. I spent hours on those working them out.

    Thank god they fixed his face from Revelations. I know they change his character model every game they have come out with but his face in revelations just looked so different from the rest that it felt like i was not playing Desmond but some other guy.

      I agree, i couldn't play it because of that. I know it sounds stupid lol

      Haha, my first reaction when I saw his face was : "Who the hell is this?".

    Desmonds story may be the base of the series, but he's the series most blandest character.
    His hoodie is rather cool - I wear mine every winter.

    As far as I'm concerned, the entire modern aspect has been nothing but an albatross around the neck of Assassins Creed from the very beginning. The sooner they can conclude it and move on the better.

    I think it would be interesting if it leads up to somone coming out of the Animus in the far future and that that person was using the Animus to travel into Desmond as part of their lineage...

    Does that make sense?

      Thats actually a good teist. Would like that idea, could give us a whole new storyline

    I always found the most exciting part of the game the historical bits, but the Desmond bits have been pretty fun, and it will be cool to see how his story gets wrapped up.

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