THQ Won't Have A Booth At E3 This Year

Saints Row and Darksiders publisher THQ won't have a booth at E3 this year, a change from the bombastic presence they've embraced in past years. THQ has recently found itself in dire financial straits.


    Doesn't mean they wont be showing off stuff to Journos though

    I feel bad about THQ going broke... then I remember how evil they are with their DLC policies and I don't care anymore.

    This is what you get for intentionally leaving content out of your software so you can charge extra for it, or for releasing different pre-order bonuses for different shops so that you're biggest fans can't get hold of all the game content they want,

      the only evil DLC ive seen from THQ has been for SR:TT other than that THQ is one of the least evil big publishers

      That can't be what you get for doing that... Activision, Square Enix and half the other publishers are still going strong.

      What evil DLC generally speaking THQ DLC are merely cosmetic skins that have no real impact on the game anyway. And cosmetic DLC is the mos acceptable kind in my mind

    Hmm. I was hoping they'd be there showing the south park game. Oh well

      Doesn't mean it won't be there but If it is it will be obsisians choice to do so and not be coming out of the THQ coffers

    Hey Kirk!

    Thanks for keeping us all informed. You have a GREAT weekend!

    Hugs n' kisses,


    Hire a hotel room right next E3 and you get equal coverage at 1/10th the price.

    This article is as big as THQ's bankroll.

    Serves them right after what they done to the saints and its fans

      Need I say homefront as well..

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