Watch Out For This World Of Warcraft Phishing Scam

Watch Out For This World Of Warcraft Phishing Scam

When Gizmodo’s Alex Kidman asked if I had seen ‘this World of Warcraft ‘fishing’ thing’, I was so confused, but then I had a look at the email he had just been sent and it made perfect sense. Just a heads up — if you’ve been sent an email with the above image in it, be wary, and don’t click on any of the links.

I know you guys/girls are smarter than the average bear, and probably don’t need to be told this, but I thought I would shoot out a quick post nonetheless — just to keep any World of Warcrafters on their toes about this sort of thing. Goodness knows I might have clicked through in a blaze of unbridled enthusiasm.

So watch out!


  • Actually the top image part of that is exactly the same as the real Pandaria beta invites.

    The real invites do not have any form of ‘download now’ or ‘play free’ or ‘click here’. They tell you to log into your account and get the beta client from there:

    1. Get the Installer:
    Log in to your® account. Click the “Account” tab, then click on the “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria” tab under “Your Game Accounts”. Download your client by selecting “Windows” or “Mac”.
    2. Install the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria client:
    Run the installer. Wait for the “Checking for Updates” and “Updating Setup Files” windows to complete, and click “Install”.* Scroll down to the end of the Beta Test Agreement, and click “Agree”.

    *If you would like to install additional languages, click the “Change” button next to “Selected Languages” and check all applicable boxes.
    3. Run the Game:
    Wait for the install process to complete and the “Play” button to light up. Press “Play” to enter the game.

    • Was going to say, the massive PLAY FREE NOW button is a dead giveaway, hell even if there was a play now button, there’s no reason for Blizzard to include FREE in there. I’d be suss as soon as I saw that.

    • I found out I was in the beta by logging into my account.. Took another two days before I got the email saying I was in. Same with Diablo III.
      I check the forums for the blues saying “another wave has been sent” rather than my email.

      If people get caught by emails like the above they deserve to get scammed.

      That said, I get a lot of scam mails. I love ’em. Mostly ’cause they keep sending ’em to the wrong email address. lol

  • Its ironic, because I get emails like this to my spam account, and I dont even own a blizzard account of any way shape or form…..

  • I get at least 3 of these a day.

    I miss the old WoW spam mails that were entertaining to read because of the engrish.

  • I moused over the play free now link and it was something like another one was mists-ofpandarria/etc. and I was like im pretty sure blizzard didnt spell their URL incorrectly. Fortunately i knew it would be in my battle net account if i had it so i didnt click. this is a particularly well done scam tho.

  • I had something like this once to claim a free mount. Checking the link, it was an IP address that resolved to some server in China. Of course, the dodgy email address and complete fakeness of the offer gave it away first…

  • I get about 3 of thse a day, and ive my email set to display the ‘from address’ and not ‘behalf of’ and its amazing how many people try this.

  • It’s the same as the actual beta invite, the best way for people to confirm is to actually login to their battle net account (not via the email obviously) and see if it’s there to download, if it isn’t, the email is bogus.

    The e-mails are masked, you can appear to be sending from “anyone”. The devil in the “Play free now”.

    In outlook, hovering over any link and/or image which is a link will reveal the actual address at the bottom, you look for that.

  • Speaking of scams, anyone else been getting the Indians ringing up from the “Windows Service Center” who try to convince you to buy an extended warranty for your PC because of the innocuous errors that show up in the event log? Those guys are fun to mess with if you’ve got some free time.

    • yeah I got them a couple of times. One time I pretended to be a five year old kid who was incredibly stupid. Another time I pretended to be a deaf old man who said insulting things by accident

    • Yes, I had one about a few weeks ago. If I was more on the ball I would have screwed them around a bit, but as soon as I asked how they know I have Windows, they hung up.

    • I have, I started talking about the windows in my house and so forth. They gave up eventually.

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