Watch The First Trailer For Black Ops II Right Now

Here it is, folks — the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

As you can see, the game will take place in the future. And in the past! The military has come to rely on a huge force of unarmed drones and tanks, and some nefarious so-and-so has hacked them and turned them against us.

Black Ops regular Frank Woods returns as an old man to tell the story, which begins with Los Angeles under drone attack. Stick around for a whirlwind tour of aeroplane cockpits, horseback riding, and a sweet Michael Bay glory-shot of a helicopter helicopter flipping over some cars on a highway.

This sure does tick all the Call of Duty checkboxes. Check back at midnight tonight, when we'll have a bunch more details about the game.



    Lasers, plx.

    Walkers do make everything better... this might be a COD game i will actually try

      Hahah I had the same line of thinking. Future? Mechs? Might give it a whirl.

        Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Modern Warfare

        OMFG ITS A CODception!

        Or maybe i should say
        Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 2142

    Meh. Pass. You've seen it all before people.

      Same old CoD, is same old..
      Sure the SP campaigns are fun, but multi-player is soo... meh
      And this looks like they've mix CoD with BF2142..

    hahahahahahahahahaha is it just me or has call of Duty begun to inadvertently parody itself?

    It does look promising.

    But I've been fooled by trailers in the past.
    Or should I say, 'future'?

    Not going to lie here, I was actually a little excited about this trailer.

    I dis COD all the time for the same reasons as everyone else, but if things brings about some decent change (or is at least enjoyable) I'll probably buy it.

    Treyarch COD's are the only one's I've ever purchased, and it's easy to understand why.

    I guess the deciding factor will be game play.

    and then i realised it was turning into bf3 with shit visuals.

    Well would you look at that, they're actually trying something different. Kudos.

    Hey look, it's Call of Metal Gear!

    I do have to admit, it looks at least somewhat more interesting then MW3. Treyarch at least wants to make their fans happy.

    I never asked for this...

    The most modern of warfares

    why is this listed as pc? if the rumors are true, it isnt even getting released on pc.

    LOL. Add some sci-fi to a modern FPS game, and all of a sudden people who hated the series want to play it now.

    At this stage, who can say? Looks flashy.

    Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a bit of 'action trailer fatigue'? Watching the Batman trailer yesterday and now this... bit of 'OMG World Ending' all over again.

    I was wondering how long it would take CoD to make it to the future. Unfortunately from this first trailer I would have to say that I am disappointed.

    So Black Ops is now more about Modern Warfare than Modern Warfare is :P?

    OH COME ON AT LEAST MAKE EVERYTHING FUTURISTIC. Bloody half naked vest wearing mercenaries from WW2 + Cowboy riding horses chasing wagon + 100years advance technologies doesnt match. Tryhard Treyarch

      You're assuming that everything takes place in the same time period. This wasn't the case in Black Ops 1, and there's no guarantee that Black Ops 2 is different in this regard. On top of that, if you listen to the trailer, there is mention of their own technology been turned against them. If this happens, the logical step would be to go low-tech. Hence, the horses.

      Frankly, your comment seems more 'tryhard' than Treyarch.

    Combat in a high-tech robotic near future? Deus Ex: Human Revolution already did it better. I might go play that again instead when CODBO2 comes out.

    Can someone who's appeared in the one and only entry be called a regular?

    This trailer was like a where's wally of classic sci fi movie rip offs. See how many you can spot!

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