Where Did All The Official Battlefield 3 Servers Go?

It seems that EA and DICE have, very quietly, been taking away official servers for the console versions of Battlefield 3. Worse still, it looks like they're replacing them with servers that fans have to pay for.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Battlefield fans could "rent" their own servers for $US25-30 a month. Seemed like a good deal, especially when it lightened the load on the actual EA and DICE servers.

Yet searches now find that almost every server is one of these rented ones. Which is a problem, because the rules on these servers can be all over the place; those wanting a straight, official game are finding it tough. It's also an issue because it sure makes it look like EA and DICE are passing the cost of running this game onto consumers.

Pressed on Reddit as to why this is, DICE's Daniel Matros said "There is only so much physical space and digital space where you can have servers. The community requested [a rental program] and we delivered."

He did note later, though, that he would be taking the complaints back to DICE with him. Whatever that's worth.

Official DICE servers disappear from Battlefield 3 [VentureBeat]


    The worst part of this is when you have a server with an asshole that runs it who kicks anyone who uses 'his' helicopter.

      I can understand that and I feel sorry for console players having difficulty with this, It reminds me of COD Blops on pc, so many rules and so many young admins who have no idea how to manage a server. I'm glad the BF3 servers on PC are pretty well regulated.

        Reminds me of AAT servers for modern warfare 1. Rules were pretty much:

        1. No crouching to avoid bullets
        2. no jumping to avoid bullets
        3. no noob tubes
        4. no grenades

        Eventually pretty much everything was banned so that the only thing you could do without breaking the rules was using you mouse buttons.

          modern warfare 1? you mean "Call of Duty 4"... dumbass

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

            No he means modern warfare 1

    “There is only so much physical space and digital space where you can have servers. The community requested [a rental program] and we delivered.”

    For one of the biggest multiplayer releases in the last year where you even control the digital distribution platform and they can't afford to keep up their own servers? Pull the other one EA.

      Yep. People requested the ability to rent a server so (a) they can always get a game with their friends and/or (b) set up a game using a specific map rotation, rules, etc. I'm pretty sure nobody would have requested the REMOVAL of the official servers as part of that. This also sets a dangerous precedent for future EA games, or even other publishers, to follow.

        It also adds to a growing concern of how they are pushing a lot more of the costs on to the consumer, we already pay top dollar at release, you have to pay a substantial amount for DLC, which used to be just an update years ago and then you are expected now to carry costs of continued use of the game which should of been covered at purchase of the game.

    These rented servers are crap. The only thing these people know what to do with them is raise the team tickets to 1000, so the games go on for hours.

      Yeah and you get kicked right at the end to make for the server "owners" buddys.

    "replacing them with servers that fans have to pay for"

    Classic EA

    Breaking News: EA being EA.

    They definitely have a thing for pulling servers.

    They are just criminals, who are out solely for monetary gain and that's it.
    EA's business model since its inception.
    Just too bad that they buy out any good business early in its growth period to tack on S**T to the next retail release. :{

    The thing hated most about BF3 was ..............................EA.

    you poor souls.. what ever will you do. This has been a standard for PC for decades, cause having your own server where you can ensure smooth gameplay, kick hackers or idiots, reserve slots for friends, pick your own maps is just simply awesome. That, and you also get ISP hosted servers for free. Just shows how many console players are so shallow and close minded. Ignorance and simplicity is all you have contributed with to the gaming world.

      Enjoy all your shitty PC ports of console games.

        Playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
        Hardly a console port, in fact, a PC exclusive. Still better gameplay and replay value than most of your crappy console games.


          I play consoles and PC. But when I play a console game, I do it on console not on PC. Battlefield 3 I got for PS3 so that I didn't have to install Origin on my PC.

          Yes, congrats on one game that you get that isn't a port. Clap clap.

        Eh most of us skip the crappy ports and just stick to the decent games and the awesome exclusives. Have fun playing shooters with a gamepad like a noob.

      "Ignorance and simplicity is all you have contributed with to the gaming world."

      Looks like you've mistaken people here upset with EA's closure of their own servers in lieu of their user paid servers with people who are ignorant of dedicated server structure. Which is not the case.

      It is clear and fair for people to be upset that a service promised as part of the use of a product is being removed so that the only option is to buy a server, (especially when that is the only two options they provide). While you quote that it had been done that way for years it typically came with user accessible open dedicated servers giving players the ability to start their own peer-to-peer or dedicated servers when there would be no alternative.

      For many game we used to have:
      - Publisher/developer hosted servers
      - Open dedicated servers
      - Paid dedicated servers from the customers/ISPs
      These paid ones are what you say have been the standard, but because they are still an option we should not be upset that the other two are just yanked away?

        *Plugs game pad into PC, plugs joystick into PC, plugs steering wheel into PC, Plugs arcade fighting stick into PC.

        Yep, that's me just about set.

        Oh, wait.

        *Plugs Kinetic into PC.

        I have nothing against consoles (I own several) but PC is still my fave option because you can play things the way you want to play them.

        We can play with a gamepad on our pc, How about that.

    But doesn't EA also require an online pass to play Battlefield 3 on consoles? Isn't that meant to pay for the upkeep of the official servers?

    Just out of interest I just did a search for the EA servers, searching for 5+ players (the lowest you can search for), any mode, any map, any preset, ranked and unranked., plus the box ticked for showing full servers.
    Australian EA Servers: 4
    One game of rush, three games of squad deathmatch. Zero conquest, zero team deathmatch, zero squad rush, zero conquest assault. Also zero EA servers for their Back To Karkand DLC.
    Plus there are a couple of servers pretending to be EA servers, that is they copied the format of the server name including putting -[DICE]- in front of it, but were in fact operated by a random user.

      those servers are typically alright and are actually just like normal servers, i think the name is just to make it appear obvious it's a normal server than make it appear as some over powering jerk with the kick button.

    the rent server can be annoying most the time when the owners are Mongoloids and have the rotation Mertro, Siene crossing and Grand bazaar all the time with 500% tickets.

    those server are pretty much owned by try hard nobs that boost about k/ds and clans making youtube Trickshot videos, in other words the wangs that ruin online gaming in most shooters.

    That's unfortunate, but we all ready no that EA does not give a shit about consumers and we have know this for a long time now.

    Now don't expect better service with the next Battlefield game because you would just be deluding yourself.

    poor console gamers... when will you realise that battlefield is meant to be played on PC :O

      Some of us perfer console games, I perfer a controller and the slower pace of the game on console and I have a pc that could run the game ultra but its not just about pretty graphics.

    EA must feed the monster.

    Jumped on last night for the first time in a while to find there were no official servers and no games beging played the way I want them - oh and the game I did get into stated no spawn camping which was not enforced. Why? Because the guy running it doesn't like spawn camping when it's happening to him. So his team was full of high level buddies who won every game until late in the night when we got them cornered on Noshar Canals. We proceed to keep them pinned and he boots half the team.

    So my view is that either EA fix this mess or I won't be bothering with the DLC and I won't be bothering with BF3 anymore. Oh and a this is likely to be the standard from now on I won't be uying any more EA FPS games with multiplayer.

    Same happened to me. Havent been able to find a decent game for a couple of weeks. Just high level wankers all on one team spawn killing with all the choppers.

    Pretty much over this game anyways used to play a few rounds after work every day now I'm finding I'm only jumping on for a quick round once a week at best.

    There should be some type of consumer right or public notification before release of the product for consumers to know when these things would happen.

    For example if EA releases BF4, their should be a discalimer saying EA will run Official Servers for 3 Years for console and 5 Years for PC. Something to that extent. Then they can manage all the costings based of that and consumers will atleast know how long it is available. Which I think would be ideal.

    I don't expect companies to run servers forever, was suprised Star Wars Galaxies was still running until they decided to shut it down a while back, but they shouldn't just be just sneakily fading them away. They haven't been even running for a year yet. Poor game EA, poor game.

    You should all come and play on my PS3 server.

    Operation Metro, constant rotation, conquest, xX_maximum tickets_Xx!!!!, no weapons (will be banned if you use a weapon). You can just run around and jump into each other. NB: May unfairly balance the team so my team always wins.

    Hey it's about time that the consoles have to pay for servers like PC does. By the way yours are only $25-30 dollars try $83.13 a month for PC servers with 64 players.

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