While You Were Sleeping

Trying to sleep with a blocked nose is the worst. This is the reason I got next to no sleep last night. You probably had a bit more luck. What happened with video game news overnight? Well, I'm just about to get to that...

Unreal Engine 3 really was the engine of this generation. Gears of War was the first game that made my bowels fall into my trousers. Unreal Engine 4? We still don't know too much about it at this stage. What do we expect to see from Unreal Engine 4? Well, why not see what Epic's Tim Sweeney has to say...

I'm pretty excited about The Last of Us, and I enjoyed the latest trailer. I can't be the only one that noticed how Ellie, the young female protagonist, is looking a little less like Ellen Page...

This real life replication of the boat from Wind Waker is incredible. This is the Final Fantasy VII that could have been, and this Avengers game is mighty.

In Short Unreal Engine 4 Will Make The Next Generation Of Games Look Mind-Blowing My My You Certainly Look Different Ellie The Avengers Deserves Earth's Mightiest Video Game Wind Waker's King Of Red Lions Comes To Life The Final Fantasy VII That Could've Been


    I made the decision not to watch any more The Last of Us stuff after the initial trailer sold me on the idea -- ever since Uncharted 3's 30 second announcement trailer spoiled basically every set piece in the game.

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