You Can't Judge Dragon's Dogma By It's Launch Trailer. But It Is Nice To Look At

We've been circumspect about Dragon's Dogma, which is coming May 22 from Capcom. Totilo and Chris Person, the site's video editor, have grown attached to it despite also calling it "one very messy, clumsy game, full of bad dialogue, cumbersome menus and annoying supporting characters." But there are legitimately good qualities, they insist; this simply isn't so-bad-it's-good irony.

One of the things Totilo has praised are the game's cutscenes and, if that's the case, then this launch trailer for the game should fire you right the hell up. A download of the demo is advised if you do, because you've still got to play this game, not just watch it.

Oh, and, Resident Evil 6. You get into the demo early if you buy it.


    Enjoyed the demo and have this pre ordered though wont be playing it for a long time thanks to Diablo 3. One more sleep!!!

    Looks sooooo damn good... :|

    Played the demo and it was awesome, I'll definitely be getting it. It's kinda like a slightly more stylized version of Skyrim, the combat is so much better, more arcade DMC style, which is definitely a plus when compared to Skyrim's hit and miss combat (i guess you could call that a pun). It just seems to have a bit more personality, I know Skyrim takes a different angle that purposefully eschews too much forced story, but I think it really works for (what I've played/read) for Dragon's Dogma.

    How many trailers does this game need???

    Crappy trailer. The gameplay videos look so much better..

    I really hope that the beholders in this game live up to there name and are as worrysome as they are in D&D it would make fighting them so much fun knowing that they can really mess you up.Roh man this ain't an RPG its an action adventure game thats been created in an open world so your forgiven for thinking its an RPG , the first open world action game I have heard of so should be great, i probably ain't even going to finish the game ( just run around leveling up and getting random pawns and sending them back with hardcore equipment just to freak people out when they see it.

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