Guided Tour Of Mists Of Pandaria's Faction-Divided Capital City

What better way to get to know the Alliance side of Mists of Pandaria's Asian-themed capital city than through the eyes of a delightful Serbian guide? The Blizzard Serbian Community walks us through the expansion pack's unique answer to a sanctuary city.

Previous World of Warcraft expansion packs have all included some sort of dual-faction hub city, where Horde and Alliance players can both gather to collect quests, work on their trade skills, and socialise — though not with each other.

Mists of Pandaria, however, is about the slow build up to all-out war between the Alliance and Horde, so the main city in this expansion pack has been built to encourage world player-versus-player combat and, in the words of the bard, keep 'em separated.

Of course, unless you're on a PVP server, you'll have to flag yourself to partake in the inevitable hostilities, but that just makes your horrible death at the hands of the enemy that much sweeter.

Mists Of Pandaria Capital City Preview [YouTube]


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