A Video Game Comedian's Music Video, Featuring More Dancing Than You Can Shake A Stray Ass At

Regardless of your thoughts on underpants or Neo Geo cabinets, there's one thing we should hopefully all be able to agree on: video game comedian Keith Apicary / Nathan Barnatt can dance.

So much so that it looks like Warner Music have given him a chance to showcase that in front of a wider audience, giving him a Flo Rida song and a spot on the label's YouTube page to do his thing.

It's a slight downer that the clip is cut so fast we don't really get to see him cut loose, but it's still an...interesting thing to watch.

[via Super Punch]


    I...Can't... Look away.

    He stole my heart when he was 'going ostrich' ..

    I love how far he has come, he has put so much effort in over the years and its great to see it pay off!

    Nice to see someone who uses the same dance floor theory as me:

    If you dance with passion and joy, people react accordingly - no exceptions

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