This Music Game Cheat Sure Is Unsual

When you think of Japanese music games, you probably think of people doing elaborate dance routines. If you want to rack up a high score, you need to move. Or do you?

Above, you can see YouTube user Aicecream777 dancing her heart out while playing Dance Evolution Arcade, the Japanese arcade version of the Kinect original.

But, as YouTube user Ugougogon2 shows, you don't need to dance your heart out. Heck, you don't even need to dance. You can kinda just stand there and get a perfect score.

Apparently, this works on the song "Magic Love 1000%" and you need to strike the same pose that Ugougogon2 does — not an easy pose at that! Be sure to watch his video all the way to the end.

ダンエボ初心者におすすめ? [[email protected]]


    The next evolution to sitting in a chair waggling the Wiimote.

    Sure is 'unsual'.

    didn't scroll down and watched the girl thinking she was putting in a dance move cheat code haha. was a good watch anyhow :)

    "Be sure to watch his video all the way to the end. "

    That comment alone turned this video from boring to hilarious.

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