AFL Live Gets A Game Of The Year Edition With Updated Rosters

AFL Live Gets A Game Of The Year Edition With Updated Rosters

Call me old fashioned, but I think that a game has to be a game of the year contender to get a ‘game of the year’ edition, so when I heard that Tru Blu Entertainment was releasing a ‘game of the year’ version of AFL Live I thought, really? But then I realised that, as the only AFL game on the market, AFL Live may very well have been the game of the year for a select few!

But not for me! Let’s make that clear. I barely understand the rules of ALF, let alone watch it.

AFL Live Game of the Year Edition is basically an excuse to re-release AFL Live with some updated rosters and such like. Apparently those who bought the original can also purchase DLC that updates the old game in a similar way.

Of course, AFL Live can hardly hope to compete with massive sports juggernauts like the FIFA series, but props to Tru Blu Entertainment for finding a gap in the market and plugging it adequately.

Find out more info on AFL Live Game of the Year Edition here!


  • It’s A game that is OF the year 2011. Or is it 2012?
    I don’t know, I just wanted to make the joke.

  • Geez that brings back some memories. I enjoyed the earlier AFL games made by EA. Think the last one I played was back in 04 (3 pcs ago)

    Are there any sales figures for AFL Live? Kinda curious to see how it selled.

      • Argh I hate it when that happens. Sold. I’m 25, I should know that. My apologies for my brain fart

          • I know I played AFL 98 and that was made by EA. Couldn’t remember who made 04 (after a quick look that was IR Gurus) and at the moment it sits with Tru Blu.

        • Thank God, I thought I was starting to lose my mind. I even googled “selled” in case I was being a retard.

  • lol now I thought it was funny when South Peak does it for their games like Two Worlds GOTY, but this is just sad, the game had 2 songs in the entire game, which was incredible annoying. It should of been a PSN/XBLA game.

  • IMO, this is how roster updates should be done. Yes, have an updated retail edition, for those who missed it the first time around, but also have the improvements available as DLC.

    These aren’t minor improvements, either – there’s a new team and a new stadium, which were originally only in the Wii version.

    Plus, the PC version is finally out – hopefully it’ll appear on Steam.

    Especially good for me, since I picked up a copy at that infamous DSE sale…

  • Too bad the game was a bit shit. There shouldn’t be 400 tackles in a game of 10 minute quarters, let alone an actual-length game.

  • I’ve been waiting for this game to hit the bargain bin since it came out yet it’s still sitting at around the 80 dollar mark! Crazy. Going to have to keep waiting I guess.

  • I really would like a footy video game made by EA, Konami or even Ubisoft. Would be awesome to see all the media around the world wondering what the hell is our sport about.

  • What I’ve gathered from playing game, the rules of AFL are pretty simple. It’s a game about rewarding people for every little thing. You have to get the ball from one end to the other, then kick it through the goals. Now, if you manage to kick the ball reeeeeeally far and your team mate is good enough to catch it, no one is allowed to touch him while he goes to kick it again. Then once you successfully pass the ball all the way to the other end, you have to try and kick it through the posts. It doesn’t matter where you get them through, just as long as they go through. Also, it’s ok if you miss, because you still get a point for going outside the goal. Also even if you hit the post and it bounces off, you get a point.

    Everyone gets a point.

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