Big W Will Sell You An Xbox For $188 -- Or With Kinect Plus Games For $248

Remember that top notch Dick Smith Xbox/Kinect deal? It sold out pretty quickly, but now it looks as though Big W has a similar ste of deals. They're selling a plain old Xbox 360 4GB for $188, but they're also doing a pretty stellar Kinect deal, with two games and a three month live subscription for $248.

The $248 deal contains the following...

— Kinect — Kinect Adventures — Kinect Sports — 3 Month Gold subscription to Xbox LIVE

I'm guessing this, like the Dick Smith deal, is a strictly while stock last situation, so best be quick!


    It's teh 4GB console though. As Microsoft are still using the same model optical drive (the jack-hammer deluxe) one has to install the game without going deaf while playing.

    To do that though, you need to buy the larger one which costs around half the prices of the console anyway.

    *Crosses fingers that there will be a real sale with the 250 or 300 GB models.*

      An extra $100 at Target will get the same deal with Just Dance 3, a Kinect TV mount and the 320GB HDD (which comes with a download code for Lego Star Wars III).

      K-Mart's sale starts on 28 June. For $299 they have the same deal as above, but with a 320GB hard drive included (with a Lego Star Wars 3 download token, too):

      It's on page 77.

        You can get a PS3 for 229 bucks at Kmart. No motion control bullshit either, just a console with a control you will actually use and a 160 GB HDD included.

    In the Kmart toy sale, they have a Xbox Kinect bundle which contains 3 games and a 320Gb HDD for $299. Its in the catalogue on the website.

    Shame you cant even get onto the website without constant time-outs.

      yeah same i cant get on was going to get it as a moving in present for my brother but NOPE. guess ill study for my exam tomorrow instead ='(

        Yeah, typical Big W, and I should know, I work for em!

    lol i got a console on the dick smith sale at $100 with rugby. then i boughta 250gb hdd for $50. Put the hdd receipt through microsofts 30% off retail redemption thing they were running, and got $26 off the hdd, therefore only costing me $24... happy days!

    I actually managed to stay on the site long enough to get this pack :D
    Twas quite a frustrating 50 minutes though ><

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