Blizzard Limits The Number Of Diablo III Games You Can Create

In an effort to "help reduce server strain and improve overall game stability", Blizzard has placed an undisclosed limit on the number of new Diablo III games a player may create in quick succession.

While this will annoy those "farming" for rare items, who will create a game, quickly check stuff, leave then create another game, for most gamers it shouldn't be too big a deal.

While Blizzard doesn't say what the cap is, once you reach it, you'll need to "wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes before creating any additional games".



    And they've already disabled it:

    This *sounds* like BIG BAD BLIZZARD IS RUINING THE GAME YOU PAID FOR GRRRRRRR but it's really not a big deal.

    All this wouldn't have happened if they didn't do DRM in the first place ._.

    I do actually like this idea, for the simple reason it'll piss off spammers...

      Except it was bound to also piss off normal players who would be hit by yet another measure mistakenly locking them out of the game while they should be able to access it. I bet this was the reason why they shut down the system already since they reported that the system had not been working as expected... yay...

    They did say as part of their game design plan that they wanted people to stay in the game for longer, rather than doing repeated boss runs, hence the addition of things like Nephalem Valour. I suppose stopping you actually making repeated new games is one way of guiding the type of gameplay they want to see.

    yeah seriously, fuck this for the rare whimsyshire drops, hitting a zone that swpans the correct event 1/4th of the time and has the correct item in it 1/4 of the time is freaking lame if there are connection limits.

    this is the biggest rippoff... force users to play online, even when it's single player. then force the user to not be able to play due to stupid maintenance... now force the user to this... all bullsh!

    Anyone saying this isn't a part, try crafting the staff from scratch now, it is a major pain in the ass.

    Probably to put off all the power-levellers farming Zoltan Kulle constantly for XP/drops.

    The limit to the number of games a user can make is 70% of the time.

    *shrug* Yay 2012! Forced online with a loot-drop system that allows you to seriously go 20 levels without seeing an upgrade because you're meant to buy all your gear from the AH, and if you found a way around that, they'll take it away from you, slap you on the knuckles, and tell you to stop being difficult, go use the game the way it was intended - to make them lots of money.


    Hm. So I guess that was Diablo 3. Oh well. I got to see story!

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