Check Out My 12-Inch Boba Fett

Um. Here he is. Part of Sideshow's line of sixth-scale Star Wars figures, this Boba Fett piece arrived at my house this morning. He really is quite lovely.

While loaded with around a billion accessories and display stands, this is a large-format (12-inch) "figure", and not a "statue". Much of his arsenal is interchangeable, and using those variant hands and feet there are dozens of poses you can set him down in.


1x Boba Fett 2x Display bases (1x icon, 1x Bespin) 9x Alternate hands 1x Alternate pair of feet 2x Blasters (1x pistol, 1x rifle) 3x Misc. accessories (knives, etc)


  • DETAIL. For this kind of price ($US175), you expect the very best, and in terms of attention to detail, for the most part this figure delivers. The paint in particular is impressive; you'll be tempted to pick at his helmet to see if there really is exposed steel under that peeling paint (there's not, it's all plastic).
  • VARIETY. The amount of extra crap you get with this figure seems almost excessive. A few alternate hands and weapons, that's understandable, but when half the toy's packaging is taken up with extra stuff, it could have gotten crazy. But no. Most of the pieces are clearly unique and in some ways necessary; if you want to pose Fett standing up, like I have, you've got all the pieces you need to make it look good. If you want him in more of an action pose, everything you need to make a complete transformation is there.
  • MATERIAL. Using cloth and other real fabrics on figures can often be a disaster, especially when the stitches are so enormous they destroy the sense of scale the rest of the piece is trying to accomplish. This isn't as big a deal here, and indeed, the use of fabric in many places only enhances the figure, especially the wookiee braids on his shoulder and his cape (which, thoughtfully, has a wire "frame" allowing you to pose it).


  • HANDLE WITH CARE. As a display piece, this figure is incredible. As a toy, it's terrible. It's incredibly fragile, and also has poor joint movement and flexibility. Once you find a pose and extremity combination that's right, I'd suggest keeping it there. Forever.


Sideshow's newest Star Wars figure packs all the detail of a more expensive large-scale piece (a la Hot Toys) but for considerably less cash. Throw in all the extra stuff you get and the tasteful use of fabric and this is one hell of a figure. Just don't expect to go getting him down off the shelf very often.

Sixth Scale Boba Fett will be out next month, and will sell for $US175. He's available now on Sideshow's online store.


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