Community Review: Game Of The Year So Far?

The last week or so has seen a dearth of new releases, so I put it out there on Twitter — what would you like to see in the Community Review this week? I had some good responses: DayZ, the most recent Humble Indie Bundle, Mario Tennis. But then I thought — why not just let you guys review the game you've enjoyed the most this year?

The timing seems pretty good. We're almost halfway through the year, and E3 is just about to kick off properly, so this might be a decent time to reflect and talk about all the games we've loved in the first half of 2012.

Alrighty then... I'll start.

My two favourite games of the year are polar opposites. One is a Zen like experience that calms the nerves and eases the pain in your soul. The other shreds your nerves and transforms your soul into a quivering wreck.

Those games are, respectively, Journey and Trials Evolution.

Journey probably ekes it between the two, mostly because it's a new IP and it felt like a legitimate push forward, even if I'm not sure what direction it's headed necessarily! Trials Evolution, on the other hand, was an already polished mechanic stretched to its limits.

In a lot of ways, both games really reinvigorated my faith in gaming and their ability to provide new experiences. Journey was an 'experience', as crap as that word is, and Trials Evolution showed what games can achieve when they provide the player with a simple, yet infinitely complex central mechanic. I love both types of games, and it's difficult to seperate the two.

It's going to take one mammoth video game to dislodge either of these from my best of 2012 list, that's for sure.


    Endless Space so far. Still haven't played ME3 or Max Payne 3 yet though.

    Amalur. We all wondered how the hell they put sooooooo much fun content into Amalur, to the point where it felt like "they could have left out a quarter of these quests and it still would have been a 100 hour game", and it turned out that the answer was they spent TOO MUCH time and money making the game. That's kind of an unusual way for a game to be mismanaged. But to me the result was a game that kicks Skyrim's ass. Way better combat, less repetitive quests, less stupid NPCs with only one line no matter how much they've seen you do (I cannot say enough how much it annoyed me that NPC companions could kill dozens of dragons at your side and still express astonishment when you cast a healing spell), and a world nearly as immersive, if less grey.

    ME3 was fun and all, but apart from Mordin (who was AWESOME) the magic was gone.

    Journey was awesome but in all good conscience I can't give GOTY to a game that short.

    I suspect I have not yet played my actual GOTY winner, though (Darksiders 2? The Last of Us? Many possibilities).

    Journey. I particularly loved the way multiplayer was implemented - if only all multiplayer games limited your ability to interact to a simple chime! Or I have also spent a LOT of time with Lumines: Electronic Symphony, but that hardly feels like 2012 release (despite the few new features it sports). Likewise Rayman on the Vita has been getting a lot of love, but again that really is just a port of a game from last year.

    I have enjoyed ME3 but some things have frustrated me about it (I am right at the end, but not quite finished).

    Mass Effect 3 by a mile, ending and all. Binary Domain was pretty good, too.

    Journey by a long shot, though I am betting that Dishonoured will be my goty by the end of the year.

    Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition... I had a blast playing it last year, I had an even better blast playing it this year after the recent patch.

    So far, 2012 hasn't held anything for me (no PSN means no Journey, sadly)
    However, Cloudberry Kingdom should be out soon, and I do love me some masochistic platformers. Mmmmmmmmm.

    I've not played many games released this year..
    Diablo III - a HELLuva lot of fun, but not really GOTY.
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - it could be that I've just been that bored but I've been having a LOT of fun with this game. It's what I wish Fable II could have been.
    Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition - Not played enough of it to judge but it's been fun so far, when I've not gotten myself needlessly stuck.

    Of those three.. I'd have to give it to Kingdoms of Amalur.
    And that's just kinda sad. lol

      A bunch of the Amalur devs have just been picked up by Epic games, so it's less sad! =)

    I had my most fun playing, therefore giving GOTY to Fez. There are a bunch of moments where I was filled with sheer joy playing this, even though I seem to be in the minority here.

    Runners up, Mass Effect 3, The Witcher 2:EE.

    Yikes. I had to go back to my list of purchases to see what of 2012 I've played. I'm still waiting for Dragons Dogma to arrive so who knows ;)

    Toss up between Resient Evil Revelations & Mass Effect 3 at this point. Scratch that I'll just say Revelations at this point. Love that game.

    I've only bought 3 games this year. Prototype 2 - loved it. Max Payne 3 - loved it too and Trials Evo.. love/hate relationship, but definately more love than hate :)

    Diablo 3 for me. Lots of haters out there but I've had a massively fun time playing the game.

    I've been surprisingly selective about game purchases this year. The majority of titles I've bought are pretty good contenders for Game of the Year for me: Max Payne 3, Journey, Mass Effect 3, and Trials Evo. I'd probably give it to Journey at this stage, for trying something different, and being a surprisingly emotional experience.

    Uhhh... I hate to say it, but pretty much nothing so far, some people have said the enhanced edition of Witcher 2, but I can't really say I feel that counts, if it does then yeah, that I guess. Maybe... Tales of Graces f? Most games I've played this year didn't come out this year, I enjoyed Amalur a lot but wouldn't call it goty, same for ME3, a mostly good ride but nothing goty (and the ending sealed any hope of me using it as even a placeholder).

    This year is exceedingly average when I actually look at the lineup, I never really noticed because with the expected release of Guild Wars 2 I wasn't worried about things to play, so yeah, I think my goty is yet to release and will probably be either Guild Wars 2 or Darksiders 2, though Dishono(u)red has really caught my attention.

    so far?

    honestly, my favourite game has been Super MNC, which did come out this year...

    but if you wanna talk retail releases... proabably diablo 3, i mean, DRM aside, it's a fantastic game

    Journey wins it for me. A truly fantastic experience, a bit short, but making it too long might have ruined it.

    Other good games this year have been Tribes ascend, & Amalur.

    And judging from the beta weekend, I'm going to include GW2 alongside Journey by the years end.

    Not sure what my game of the year is. But I can tell you what my Most Overrated Game of the Year is... Journey.

    Too soon to say my GOTY but RPG of year, my money on Tales of Graces f.
    God that game is amazing. It's what every RPG should be.

    Think it's safe to say, Journey will be the best PSN downlaodable of the year.

    I'm joining the ME3 and Journey bandwagon, they're damn fine games.

    Dear Esther. I played it on it's release and was enthralled.
    It's not for everyone, but I found it to be a beautiful experience.
    I look forward to playing through again this winter with the rain hitting the windows and a mug of cocoa at my side.

    I cant think of anything I have played so far this year that has really enthralled me a huge amount. Max Payne 3 was pretty good but the entire time playing I felt like I was playing "The adventures of the worlds dumbest man" because of how many obvious straight forward things he screwed up every 5 minutes. It was like 8 hours of Max's stupidity.

    The game play was pretty sweet though.

    Best game this year is a mod. DayZ wins hands down.

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