Community Review: Diablo III

This week's Community Review couldn't really have been anything else, could it? Well, I guess it could have been Max Payne 3, but nah... not when there's been so much drama and controversy with Diablo III and the game's multiple server issues. By this time I'm hoping most of you guys have gotten a chance to play — early thoughts?

I've spent most of the weekend that was playing Max Payne 3 and Trials Evolution. I've never gotten into the Diablo series, so I didn't feel part of the intense hype that surrounded last week's launch. That said, I've almost been convinced to give it a try.

Usually I like to have a little more input into Community Reviews, but I think this one will have to be up to you guys! What are your thoughts on the launch, the server issues, and the game itself?


    Well when i can play it for more then 8 min's without getting error 3007 ill let you know!

      Log in and join general chat. Seems to be a temporary workaround until they fix it.

      Set your TCP timeout to something higher in your modem settings.

        I have worked my TCP allready and i will not disable my anti virus.
        El Thanks for the heads up but allready doing the general chat it does make the game playable but you do still get DC'd every now and then.

      Diablo III is a point and click adventure, yay.
      Go around slashing things the programmers put there for you to slash, it's as plain as day, I saw no value in the game at all.

      Had the same problem until I did the dlink fix haven't had a disconnect since.

      It's on the diablo site under 3007 errors

    I havnt had 1 error.. plays super smooth and I'm really enjoying it so far. I have played a Monk and I'm nearly finished the second act just wish i had more time to play it.

      Hows the monk going for you?? i hardly played diablo 2 and i dont want to make the wrong call on my character

        Monk is ridiculously fun. Just run in and lighting punch then kick. SO FUN :)

      I've been playing as a Demon Hunter (L23 at the moment) but I had my first chance to play on the same public game as a Monk for a few hours yesterday and I have to say, watching him zipping around throwing punches and kicks has locked in what my next playthrough will be as.

        been playing as witch doctor already on nightmare difficulty and got to say that the game actually got to the difficulty level where you can get killed ...

    Try it Mark. The code is right there! Give in to the clicking!

    So i am having a ball with the game, despite how the always online is being ragged on, joining a game witha friend just by a click is quite awesome and its one of the best multiplayer experience i have had in gaming. Having said that my pings in the game are quite dreadful i can't get better than 400 ms and at worst i am getting 1.5 seconds. Strangely i get better pings in multiplayer games then single player games. Over all though the only complaints i have are in the online interface.

    Seems like there's some issue now with lots and lots of accounts being hacked and people loosing all their equipment and stash - another potential shit-storm for Blizzard might be on the way...

    finished it yesterday very good game gonna do it again in nightmare

    I started Nightmare yesterday. Finding the difficulty much better and actually having to care about what monster I'm clicking on.

      Me too, taking a slightly more strategic way this time. Loving the game, haven't had any major issues either

    The game's good but it feels very stripped back. The way abilities unlock and how the rune system works is boring. I disliked that there was no proper character creation screen. I would have at least liked to choose my characters hair style and colour. Dungeons get reused, a lot. It's like playing DA2 all over again.

    The story is interesting for what the game is and the voice acting is quite good. Combat is also fun when the game's not lagging. We really need either an offline mode or some local servers because the lag in the game is insane. It goes from the mild annoyance of ability delays and the occasional rubber banding to being straight up unplayable because you can't move out of the way of enemy attack or because your attacks don't register as hits on the enemy.

    From what I've experienced so far I'd give the game a 7/10. If they can fix the lag issues I'd bump that score up to an 8/10.

    Also, maybe it's just the camera angle but characters, especially female characters, have really long legs. It reminds me a lot of this:

      I agree. The game is very polished (in Blizzard style), but I feel I have been spoiled by Sacred 2. Rotating camera, variable zoom and substantially more options as far as character development goes. Diablo 3 feels like a dumbed down version of Diablo 2 down to the camera too.

      If you loved Diablo 2 and want more of the same, Diablo 3 is for you. If you like the idea of an action-rpg game without much micro-management of skills, Diablo 3 is for you. If you find yourself wanting more from your game, greater variety of choice then I recommend checking out Sacred 2, its no doubt in the bargain bin all over the place - and it works just fine offline.

        or try Path of Exile.... support those Kiwis!

          2nd to this too... Path of Exile is a pretty fun game, especially considering it's still in beta. By the time its officially released it should be even better :D

      Just to clarify: Did you play Diablo 2? By saying the game "feels very stripped back" you're commenting on the lack of features, but the rest of the paragraph goes on to critique features that were not in Diablo 2. Not trying to be a jerk, but what is your point of reference to it being 'stripped back'?

      Also, could you (or anyone else who feels the same, I guess) elaborate on how the rune system is 'boring'? I find it fun that both the rune I just unlocked at level 52, and one I earned at level 16 can both be viable. Going in a linear progression where each new rune made the old one obsolete would be what i'd classify as 'boring'.

      Again, these are my legitimate questions, i'm curious. If they seem snarky, they're honestly not meant to be.

        Completely agree el kapitan, i find the new skills system awesome. Anytime things get a bit mundane just chage your skills/runes around and you've basically got a new character! My ping is in the 250 to 450 mark and i find it playable however it does lag a touch at times. All in all, i am really enjoying the game and other apects like the auction house, the sicial component and the wonderful art and cgi movies.

          It's that same lack of commitment to a skill set that I find unappealing. In Diablo 2 you really had to specialise and pick your skills carefully, and where you had shortcomings was where team games came in handy. In Diablo 3 it just seems to spoonfeed you new abilities and insists that you try them out ("NEW!") when it wants you to. An early unlocked skill/rune combination seems to be no more powerful than one you receive at higher levels. My wizard is still using the first four skills with the first rune upgrades, and whenever I flick to try a new skill, it seems to do no more substantial damage. I haven't even seen any skill buffs on items yet, do they exist?

        To clarify, I wasn't meaning that it feels stripped back in comparision to anything else, just that it feels a bit lacking in general. It's sort of hard to explain but to me it feels like the game had, or is supposed to have, a certain weight to it but it feels like a lot of that weight is missing.

        As for the rune system being boring, I guess boring is very subjective and for me the rune system just doesn't excite me that much. Maybe it's because of the linear way you unlock your abilities and runes, I don't know, but it just doesn't have that much appeal to me.

    I came into this game a Diablo virgin but decided to give it a go as I enjoyed the loot hunt in Borderlands. I have not been disappointed thus far except for the few errors in connections and the like.

    I award the clicking I hear on TeamSpeak 4/10.
    The people with sensitive microphones don't seem to have very good mice.

    When its working its great - but getting lag and "server full - estimated wait time 10 minutes" messages in a single player game drives me insane.

    Well I'm level 56, and started act 3 hell... playing solo for the most part of hell and nightmare.
    Would be 60 if I didn't have network issues yesterday night (my exchange is crap, and oversold >_<), shitty always online DRM.

    The game feels more like a FPS than it does a RPG, as there is no character planning at all. Outside of the game I cant do a single thing to make my character stronger, as its all handed to me :(
    you just log in, kill... log out.

    It's by no means a bad game, it's just... a bit boring without character skills and stat allocation.
    For me 1/2 of the fun is planning a interesting build and then working to achieve it, with their system there is no reason to roll the same class again.

    I'm looking forward to inferno, should be a bit more fun... Even tho I'm dying a lot on hell already (named/champion mobs with invulnerable minions and teleport are really annoying for demon hunters)

      "Outside of the game I cant do a single thing to make my character stronger..."

      I don't understand what this means. Surely the auction house would be considered 'outside the game'?

      If you're talking about something completely different, an example would be great, cause I can't think of a game with external bonuses (unless you're talking like OP DLC guns in an FPS or something).

        What I mean as outside the game is planning skill/stat point allocation.
        eg. Path of Exile, I was planning my passive skill point allocation while on my lunch break at work... trying to come up with a awesome build that i would find fun and powerful at the same time.
        (fyi Path of Exile passive skill tree:

        And regarding "OP DLC", I completely oppose Pay to Win game mechanics (like the RMAH of D3)

    All the issues I have come across in D3 are related to always online: singleplayer lag, lost loot, repeating dungeons.

      ...& lost achievements.

      I lost the achievement for leveling the blacksmith the first time (as well as many others, but i can get them back easily enough), an achievement you can't get again :(
      To earn it again it looks like I'll have to put in a support ticket.

    It's Diablo and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Cheesed my way through Normal (as we all know that's just a tutorial) and am looking forward to diving into NM this week.
    The fact you can get to the level cap before the last difficulty is a bit strange when I played D2 to try get as high as I could by doing cow (and later baal) runs.

    Currently a 29 WD. soxinthebox#6939

    The game is almost perfect.... go back to WoW or CoD if you dont like it

    Slicing through enemies and actually speccing for the situation... it is new levels of gameplay....
    Much evolved and mature hack and slash... lag is getting better and you can find it smooth most the time and im all the way in WA...
    Real money auction house and grinding greater difficulties is going to be awsome...
    I just click and connect with my brother and all the random people that you have played with can be seen on a list and you can join them again if your online.....
    Different combinations of enemy attributes make it for a Mini boss that is actually random and these can drop the best loot...
    and loot dont even get me started...
    get a drop but then you might have stats that go this way or that way and you can shift your character build at anytime you want by just swapping out...
    and the stuff that i am upgrading I can pass down to my brother as we both use inteligence and the item is not soulbound!!
    Seriously if you dont like the game then there must be somthing wrong with you.... have you not played titan quest ... sacred game... or even dungeon seige... jeez...
    I cant wait for more content in D3 story wise but this will keep me occupied grinding random groups of mobs for a while to then take on better ones....
    Even at second difficulty lvl (nightmare) the mobs have alot of health and you can find a party member not helping and taking them down yourselves... well deaths do happen... alot... and you can keep spawning on the location and trying to take them down but not boss battles there a different strategy altogether...
    you will find alot of money goes on repairs if your not carefull... anyway there just my thoughts...

    I'm really enjoying it. Couldn't get on for the first 2 hours after launch, but hey it's an online thing , I wasn't expecting anything else. Since then I've played about 30 hours, up to ACT II on Nightmare., just hit level 40.
    I've had 1 or 2 disconnects over the whole week and I'm pretty sure both of them were the fault of my router and/or internet connection.
    There is a bit of lag sometimes, I'll give the trolls that one, but it rarely affects play.

    I will say a few things though
    - don't stop after the first play through. There is so much more to experience and you'll only get to about level 20-25 by the time you reach diablo. Which mean's you still haven't unlocked about 2/3 of your skills.
    - I personally found normal difficulty way too easy. Especially solo. Nightmare on the other hand is becoming far more interesting and challenging, especially in a co-op game. It changes the whole dynamic when an elite monster almost 1-shots my monk when playing in a 3-4 player game.
    -Finally as per the the first 2 comments , play with friends and play on the harder difficulties.

    All in all 8.5/10, worth the purchase and I think the score will go up once I experience more of the game and some other characters.

    At 26 hours and counting I'm having a ball. Only a few issues with disconnections and some lag which will need to improve if the game is to have any longevity. On the surface the skills/rune setup is rather shallow but I've found that I've had to alter the entire skillset as I've progressed and I'm sure I'll be doing it more and more as I progress to 60 with my WD.

    When the online component of the game works, the game is awesome. Simple, but very addictive. Always new things happening - you're fighting a hard monster or leveling up or getting loot or something every few seconds. It's great.

    However when it doesn't work (lag, disconnects, resetting your areas, unable to log in etc etc) it exposes all the holes and flaws the game has.

    Other than some lag issues and my very vocal, "But I'm playing it as a single player game, why should the servers going down effect me, I don't want to stop yet, I have to kill the warden!"
    This is an awesome game.

    I played a lot of D2 but it was aaagggeeesss ago, to get my diablo fix before D3 came out I was playing Torchlight instead. So, for me, I'm coming into it as a Diablo noob again.

    Normal sometimes comes across as too easy but then you get yourself all deaded and you're not sure if it's 'cause you suck or if it's 'cause you got lagged again.

    You start playing it suddenly it's four hours later and you're hungry.. which is a totally legit complaint and one I'm surprised isn't more common.

      Just as an addon.. totally worth signing up for the Annual Pass on WoW for. ;-)

      The first night I played it I got straight home and started playing then realised it was 12:30 at night and why am I starving. :D

    I cant say Diablo 3 isnt a polished piece of software, 110% of what we have come to expect from blizzard. I cant say Diablo 3 isnt fun and addictive, Ive sunk allot of spare time already. I Cant say always on(DRM)line is really a bad thing as i like being so intergrated with my friends.

    What i want to know is why developers are catering to the casual gamer? There seems to be a big shift of late to (over)simplify game design, mass effect dragon age etc. The only reason i can see why this is happening is that the wider community doesnt want the same game i want and the development decisions are made on what sells best. Am i that out of touch?

    Sadly its taken over 10 years for blizzard to release this sequal and in many ways the previous entrys into the franchise are just better games. The only hope i hold out is that Diablo 2 was not the game it was today on release and i think allot of people forget that. It had over 10 years of tweaking of the mechanics and balance. Allot of the Clones released after Diablo 1/2 i would say have been better on release than Diablo 2.

    So i hold out that the game i envisaged Diablo 3 would be can still come to light sometime in the next decade.

    This game is stripped of most things that made the previous games so loved, while adding almost nothing to the series. The horrid launch fiasco is still ongoing almost a week later, and the always online DRM for the singleplayer campaign is an absolute joke. There are people who have had their hardcore characters permanently die due to singleplayer. The end product that is Diablo 3 does not reflect 7 years of development time, and is absolutely not worth the $60-$100 price tag.

    I really love the way the gameplay is so simple, you can just jump into the game and go. No time or gold wasted respeccing and futzing with abilities. The multiplayer is so much fun! My only complaint would be that everyone I play with gets lag because Blizzards australian servers suck. Hopefully they'll try to compete with ToR and actually set up a local server sometime soon.

    Te general vibe here is that if you can put in enough time, the game is amazing - but if you cant, you wont get enough enjoyment out of it. I am almost at act 2 on nightmare and the game is really starting to open up. The skill system might look simple but i find it deep and engaging. you have to change skill sets fairly regularly on nightmare to defeat rare bosses as they can really cut you open if your not set up correctly. It has been a total blast to play. I also haven't had any connection issues and only had it unplayably laggy once - i suggest to try it out. It is the best game i have played in a good long while.

    Level55 Monk here , up to second boss story in act 2 on Hell mode. Thos is my 1st Diablo game and its Awesome, better than Skyrim for me.

      yup same here !! everything you said. I find that mobs are harder than bosses

    My Barbarian is lvl 21, I'm 14 hours in and currently sort of maybe near the end of Act 2. I don't know how people finished it in the first day, if you actually take your time and explore the dungeons it takes aaaages.

      Oh, and I'm really enjoying it. Diablo 1 was my first online multiplayer game and this definitely carries the feeling of the series. I wasn't one of those min-max stat obsessed people so I don't really have the same issues with the skills etc that some people do though.

      I'm around 20 or so hours into the game as level 29 monk in act 4 normal. So you're not the only one ;). I have the obsession of completely revealing the map and side areas before entering quest area, just like I did in the first 2 games. As for the game itself, its great, all I ever wanted from a sequel. The stat system in diablo 2 was stupid, and thats coming from a big fan of d2. For example, most of the time I put in enough strength points to wear gear, some dex to cap block rate and rest in vitality. Lets face it, a lot of the skills were non-viable in hell difficulty (speaking from experience, having to restart again sucks) and most people just searched online for the builds anyways.

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