Community Review: LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes

My initial plan was to run with Spelunky for this week's Community Review, but it's the kind of game I'd personally like to play first before discussing. So instead let's talk about LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes. This is the first LEGO game in a while that has received such positive reactions for folks in the community, so I'm really keen to hear precisely what it is about this game that makes it interesting?

I haven't played a LEGO game since I had to review one of the Harry Potter games a while back. The whole template for LEGO games was starting to get stale for me, so I sort of just ignored the newer ones. Is there a reason why LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes is getting such positive press? Is it just superhero wish fulfilment and fan service? Or is there actually a great LEGO game underneath it all?

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    I think the excitement is that, its proof of concept for a proper open world justice league game. If someone ever makes a proper dc game with all the renowned characters, vehicles, and dragon's dogma like combat moves, instant hit.

    When you fly as Superman, the Superman theme plays. You will smile /every time/.

    No, honestly? It's not brilliant. There's some stuff that doesn't work - the way the characters work is different to most of the other LEGO games, to its detriment; the open-world is alright but isn't really /better/ than the hubs of the earlier games; the free-roam flying is nowhere near as good as the in-level stuff; and most of the Justice League doesn't appear until the last two or three levels of the game.

    It's entirely competent, as is to be expected from Traveller's Tales, who've made these games for a long time now, and the stuff that they've changed is interesting and bodes well for the future if they can get it right. I'm just hoping for an improved "LEGO Justice League" in the future. Worth playing if you're a huge LEGO fan, or a huge Batfan, or both, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to the average guy on the street.

    It's as good as any of the other Lego games but the hub world felt like more work as you'd stumble across sections to go get another gold brick with lots of nothing inbetween and the bricks just usually open up a new character like Bruce Wayne, also using superman in the open world was awful if you wanted to actually land somewhere specific. The levels themselves were fine even if they weren't anything that different from other Lego games, hopefully next time around they put the hub world to better use than hiding lots of gold bricks and purchasable characters.

      Yeah - even though the hub world is full of gold bricks, it feels empty because there's nothing else you can do. I'd have appreciated at least some sort of "territory" mechanism, where you could clear an area of enemies and have it stay cleared. They're just not really the sort of games that lend themselves to open-world.

    been playing this alot...its not bad but i think the longer levels dont really work together as some of them seem very disjointed together

    also 100%ing this isnt as much fun as most of the work goes into working out where a trail to a gold brick is rather than any actual problem solving which i think is a shame

    open world is defo underused too....theres usually little reason to stay at ground level unless you are trapped there by the story

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