Even Poetry Might Not Be Enough To Make TimeSplitters 4

TimeSplitters 4 is not in development. That's been made clear.

But Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli still wants to hear how many TimeSplitters fans are out there, and so he's put out a call on Twitter. In response, a large group of fans got together on Facebook in an attempt to beg the German studio to bring back subsidiary Free Radical's first-person shooter franchise.

Fan Josh Smith even wrote a poem. He says it's based on a love poem by Robert Burns, and he says he sent it to Yerli, who responded saying he liked it.

Here's the poem:

O my Banana's like a yellow, yellow banana

Newly sprung, in Siberia;

My love for bananas is like Graeme Norgate's melodie

Oh so sweetly played, on Aztec Ruins Interior.

My bonnie lass - Ample Sally,

So deep in love, am I;

And I will love Timesplitters, too, my dear,

Till my bananas have gone dry:

Till my bananas are dry, my dear,

And the Snowman has melt wi' the sun;

I will love Timesplitters still, my dear,

While the Shoal shall attempt to run.

Please do be fair, my Love,

For the Gingerbread man, he cries;

And I cry too, my Love,

For Mr. Socky to survive.

Lovely. Is this enough to convince you, Crytek?

100,000 Strong for Timesplitters 4 [Facebook]


    Timesplitters is one of the best and most under rated fps out there. I spent hours playing split screen with mates and pissing ourselves laughing all the way.

      Yep... I place the series above GoldenEye 64 also...

    Timesplitters was fantastic in four player splitscreen. Bashing around the Chemical Plant with all the weapons shotguns, or double shotguns, was perfect. My friends and I used to play that for hours on end.If they make another one I'll buy it on the day it comes out, no question.

    Timesplitters was great but the weapons had no punch. They all felt lame and lifeless. Didn't help that they were mostly different coloured lasers..

    Oleg: *picks up dual K-SMGs*
    Oleg: ...i got my choppers and my hard hat...

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