TimeSplitters 4 Is Not Being Developed

There's been teaser art for years. And even as recently as 2010, word that its creators were talking with publishers about releasing it. But in sad news for TimeSplitters fans, it seems the 4th game in the series is going absolutely nowhere.

A Crytek UK spokesperson chatting with CVG has said the studio, formerly known as Free Radical, had "spent all of the development budget on buying monkeys."

Pressed for something more serious to put on record, they added "No, it's not in development."


TimeSplitters 4 'is not in development', Crytek confirms [CVG]


    Heartbreaking news! :(


      Agreed, why buy a fukn Gaming studio known for the Timesplitters series then give up on it. Sik of these companies buying out studios and stuffing up there franchises, Bullfrog Productions for example, EA bought the studio and shut down the dungeon keeper and populous franchises. Absolutely over it.

    Well, if it does end here, Future Perfect was the best ending to the series!

    Sad, I loved this series.
    I imagine it would be pretty amazing on current gen consoles with online mp.


      *tears shirts, collapses to knees under rainfall*

    massive shame, would like to see a HD Remake for 1 - 3 on Xbox Live and PSN maybe even PC ;)
    even so, i think given this generation of gamers it would fit in perfectly

    Yeah. This game would've awesome I this generations online services. Was such an awesome. I remember sinking hours into all them...

    Such a shame...

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