Ghost In The Shell? No, Ghost In The Shoes.

Reebok and Japanese figure maker MegaHouse are teaming up for a limited edition set of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex sneaker. There will be only five hundred pairs in the world. In the world.

For the collaboration, Reebok's Insta Pump Fury was redesigned to look like Ghost in the Shell's Tachikoma — those fictional walker bots.

The shoes go on sale next month in Japan and are priced at ¥21,000 (US$263).

Pump Fury [MegaHobby via GetNews]


    Does that arch look like it would kill your foot?

    No new ghost in the shell episodes or movies for like 8 years and then they make shoes? What's going on?!

      Just under 6 years, actually. There was also the re-release of the first movie with new CGI scenes, re-mastered audio, and redone Japanese voices released in 2008, and the SAC manga series in 2011.

      Also, while I'd probably never wear the fugly things, I still really, really frikkin want them.

        are you talking about the sac serie drawn by Yu Kinutani ? even though I totaly agree with A Random

    I'm not gonna lie, those shoes are hideous.

      I kinda love them.

      I only recently watched SAC so the Tachikoma love is fresh.

    Those things are horrible

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