How Does HD Okami Compare To The Original?

Okami is coming to the PlayStation 3 in 1080p — that's full HD! The game was originally released on the PlayStation 2, and while it was a beautiful game, hi-def graphics are going to make Okami sparkle.

Don't believe me? Capcom released a series of comparison images on the game's official site. Obviously, the better-looking ones are for the PS3 version.

The HD version of Okami will be out later this year and will feature PlayStation Move support as well as Trophies.

The game's trailer also had image comparisons between the PS2 and the PS3 version. These screens really help drive the point home: Okami should look stunning in HD.

Okami [Capcom via ファミ通]


    Fake, blurry, doctored PS2 shots. They should be compared to the Wii

      No, the PS2 version was quite blurry like that, mainly because of the rice paper texture they applied over the top. The texture's there for the 1080p shots (it was removed from the wii port) but because of the higher resolution the texture itself is a lot finer so it blurs the picture less. Additionally they've bumped up the vibrancy of the color, and the higher resolution means more crisp lines.

      Actually, I'm inclined to believe they're legit - have you played a PS2 game on a HDTV? They look terrible, actually worse than on an SDTV. If you were to plug an old console in to a modern TV, they would invariably look worse than in the old days with a CRT.

    The update looks good, and so do alot of the HD updates, but at the same time the new versions look a touch 'clean', there is a charm/feeling to the original version that can make it still look better in some shots.

    So whilst it will look nice, it would look spectacular if the game was designed for the PS3 from the beginning, I do hope this leads to a console sequel!

    Can't wait to play the trilogy all over again! :p

      Trilogy? What was the third game?

        just trolling... lol, the joke is Okami itself is a trilogy, it's long enough, the fact the game can be broken into 3 very clear Acts/separate games, all of which culminates into a 'very similar' boss showdown... ;)

    gimmie gimme :D

    Yes please, Capcom, I'll be downloading that as soon as possible. Cheers.

    Now just port it to the Wii u when it comes out, and we can all be happy

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